Friday, August 19, 2011

Remote Presence: New Infinity Blog

With my Tau pretty much on the shelf until a new codex comes out, I've been spending my painting and gaming time with Infinity the Game. It's just a rad game with stunning miniatures that I love. Our gaming group decided to start a blog about journeys into the world of Infinity the Game so check it out!

Remote Presence

We'll be posting anything and all things related to the game and collecting of Infinity miniatures. This means Infinity tactics, Infinity battle reports and even painted Infinity miniatures. That's where you will see my Pan Oceania Cutter once it is done.

I'll be cataloging my growing collection of Yu Jing models and writing about the various Yu Jing units like my now infamous Hac Tao and my transforming Su Jian Immediate Action Unit.

Our group consists of 4 players right now. Morgrim Dark of 23lines runs a Pan Oceania Military Order, that consists of the coolest science fiction knights out there. Models that really have Grey Knights beat in terms of style and finesse.

The Lost Cateran is running his Ariadna Caledonia Sectorial Army. This is a motley crew of space Scots and other Anglo-Saxons that travel the galaxy tossing smoke grenades and chopping their enemies in half with their huge claymores.

Lo pan, whom I've mentioned here in my earlier battle report is running a Yu Jing Imperial Service team. Watch out for his beautiful paint jobs and exploding space zombies called Kuang-Shi.

Please help us get this blog rolling by following Remote Presence and encouraging us with your comments. See you over there..

Note: Tau of War is going nowhere. I'll be still be updating this blog, so don't worry.


Pete W said...

Awesome stuff. I am following the blog and look forward to seeing what you come up with :-)


Big Bad Garou said...

You will have to post when you guys are playing and where. Some of our guys might have to caravan up there for a weekend =)

Old Shatter Hands said...

Big Bad Garou,

It's funny you mention that because we are actually planning an Infinity day. Need to firm it up, but it looks like it will be in October. This will likely be a 4 round tournament. I need to set a date and start planning however. Will keep you all posted.