Thursday, September 8, 2011

Pan Oceania Cutter Showcase

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I painted it as a commission for a friend. Very happy with the end result. Since these photos were taken, the model was coated with watered down GW 'Ard Coat which gave it a slight gloss effect. Note to self, use dull coat next time. 


Simon said...

You can use dull coat over a gloss coat. I always use both. The gloss is what actually protects the paint and the dull makes it look good.


Rasmus Olesen said...

Yeah what Simon says. I always use both to.


Tael said...

Love the glow effects, definitely add to the advanced feel of the miniature.

Cobalt Cannon said...

I'm going to be contrary to Sim and Raz about this, however for the purpose of additional thought from a different perspective. I actually like being able to see your brush strokes and the texture that it creates in this case. The surface of the model looks more alive and animated the way it looks now. The model looks like it is in motion rather than posing, and I think the texture on it is what is giving the model that spark of life.
In most occasions when it comes to machinery, I agree with Raz and Sim. But I really like your paint job on this model, and I am concerned about the loss of the effect it has now.
I'm pulling this opinion from my understanding and appreciation of the impressionist painters. When you see a painting by Van Gogh in a photo it has a look that we are all familiar with, but when you see one in real life, and see that the brush strokes all have their own purpose, and it's not just a technique. Every brush stroke alone was important to the artist. These works have texture to them and a 3 dimensional effect caused by the brush strokes that makes them look alive.

Anyways, I am cautioning that sometimes it's best to leave the work alone when it reaches a certain point, and only the artist can know when that point is.

I always like your work Osh. I really like your choice to use a violet to shade some of your shadows. I'm hoping you'll show your infinity force that you are using.

Old Shatter Hands said...


Thanks all. The model actually was painted as a gift for a friend, whose added to his Pan Oceania force. In return, he's bought me a Nomad Lizard. Which I am very excited the meantime, I'm finishing off my yu jing starter box. more to come on that.

I'm glad you like my painting, Cobalt. It really helps keep me going. I wish i could do more but being a new dad has slowed me down a bit.