Friday, October 21, 2011

It's a New Era

A new era begins...I got myself an airbrush. Tanks, flyers, who knows what else. Oh yeah, my brother's OOP armorcast Eldar Phantom Titan. we'll be sure to post photos of the work here, as I am a shameless show-off. 

Below are some pictures of my latest work on my Infinity models- the Su Jian, Immediate Action Unit. Infinity is what I would call very innovative in both miniature design and game rules. These two models are actually one unit in the game, able to switch between forms at will, often numerous times during a single turn. I've got to make the paint jobs are consistent between the two forms because of this, and I am thinking duplicate freehand designs on each model will help reinforce that it is one unit in two forms. 

You can see more of my Infinity models at
Here are the links to my work:

I almost forgot, you probably already saw this but BOLS and numerous other sites are saying Tau are going to be in the first quarter of 2012...


Cobalt Cannon said...

That is shaping up to be one sexy beast! The chinese faction of Yu Jing getting the transformable robot, and the Japanese don't? It doesn't seem natural. Must be a conspiracy.

The light that you are painting reflected off the the arms and weapon are really looking great! I hope you keep showing progress pics.

Old Shatter Hands said...

Great feedback on the OSL...gonna go back and fix that...

anucer said...

This rumor about a new codex comming up soon is pretty damn cool!

it looks like GW is working hard all of a suddent! Necron, Sisters, Grey Knights (even tough most players would prefer to ignore this one, me included) and now Tau comming up soon!

Tao said...

The Su Jian AU is an interesting model and opens up a painting option you don't see often on Warhammer models. With the way it takes up the base of the model and it's mass hovers over the center do you plan on shading the ground to match your light source shadows. I see shadows being cast from the camera shot but what about when no camera lighting is avaliable.

anucer said...

Hey i just tried something new this morning to clean the paint on old model that a friend told me. It's what woman use to clear the paint from their finger nail, i guess they call it remover in english, but you have to get the Acethone free version! uterly important! this version is made for those using plastic finger nails. So at this point i guess you get where i am going ;).

Yes it can be used for miniatures too. Works very well! Take a small recipient and poor it some remover and dilute it with some water (maybe 50/50, i am not sure since i used pure solution and it seemed that my miniature was weak for a couple of minutes while drying)
The immertion time should vary depending on how tick the paint is. mine took maybe 15 minutes than i cleared it with a tooth brush. Worked perfectly!

Just wanted to share this newly found trick with you guys.

anucer said...

There is a nice rule for the current crysis suits and any jet pack equiped deepstriking units that (for some reasons) no one seems to use.

After deep striking, during the assault phase you can ALWAYS use your jet pack movement but not to assault. This can be really usefull to get back on your feet from a bad landing or to get out of range after firing.

Why is that possible? Because the deep striking rule state that: during the assault phase you CANNNOT assault, not that you can't move. and if you look at the Jet pack entry, you will see that it says that you can ALWAYS use your jet pack move to move around.

So long story short : you can use your jet pack move during the assault phase after deep striking, pretty damn usefull!

Marshal Wilhelm said...

Ooo la la!
He's gone straight for the big end of town with the Iwata ^^,

I won't be painting for a few more weeks, but I am looking forwards to it. When you think of how much time a spray can saves in undercoating, it really makes sense to spray on at least the base coat too.

I didn't glue on the arms of some Templars, and after painting the mini, stuck them on after wards. So I painted on Chaos Black (which is a good coverage paint) with a brush as the base coat. Never again. Such a mind numbing job!

So if we wouldn't undercoat by brush, why do nearly the same amount for the basecoat? I mean, most minis are 90% one colour, which is almost like painting the whole thing (much like undercoating) again.

That leaves things like details for the brushwork and will save quite a while in terms of hours.

If you get paid $20 an hour, and the airbrush and compressor saves you 10 hours, that is effectively $200 you have saved in terms of hours at work, which is what a nice set up can cost.

I only wish I'd be braver earlier and bought one!

Good luck with the new gear :D

anucer said...

I love the color your used for your army, it's some kind of beige.I tried to recreate it using bleached bone and black (tiny bit of black), it was working ok for models, but when it comes to tanks, i can't get the same color exactly. So i would like to know if there is a GW equivalent to it.

Old Shatter Hands said...

It's hard to find that kind of tan/khaki with GW paints. You might have to do some experimenting. mix different paints together until you get the color you want...then mix up an entire pot of it in an old GW wash pot.

I would start with bleached bone and graveyard earth and see where that takes might want to try adding in a tiny amount of yellow as well.

Hope that helps.

anucer said...

i wish we had some more choice around here :( all we have are GW's, i looked around and vallejo's paint looks pretty nice.

I tough about the Kommando Khaki but it looks way too grey from image.

the color you use is the Khaki from Vallejo right?

thanks again!

oh and i'am still putting together some fluff to introduce my commander, i'll post it in some comments once i get it done ;)

if you ahve some good tutorial that would be cool too, i tried painting my devil fish and i gotta say it looks wierd, it's hard to paint on big surface.

take care!