Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Sign of Things to Come and a Cool Army

The interwebs have uncovered some heartening news. Necrons are less than two weeks away. Shocking.

Seems like Games Workshop is staying true to their new rumor control strategy. I like it. Why is this heartening news? It means that Tau could spring out with a new codex at any time without warning...though it probably won't be until the new year. Still, NICE!

There are lot of people who don't like this new strategy from GW. I am not one of those people. I don't like knowing what everything is going to look like and do before the codex comes out. I like the big sha-bang.

Thinking about getting back into writing some Tau fiction. Fleshing out on some ideas. Taking a story-telling class in fact. We'll see what comes.

Also, I found this online. I think all you Tau enthusiasts would like to see some innovative conversions and what an airbrush can do.

Click this link to see more stuff from this guy: 

Then hit google translate to make the words American.


Xyhelm said...

I like the sha-bang too. :)

anucer said...
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anucer said...

finnely! some good news, but i just don't hope that we start getting some OP shits or that the Tau empire drift away from it's good old way of playing, just a few change here and there with some new units would be just perfect!

SinSynn said...

I gotta disagree on this one.
GW's 'policy of silence' does not bode well.

So...Necrons are two weeks out, but nobody's talking about them.
No hype.
No anticipation.

Judging by the way every non-Space Marine Codex has been treated in 5th edition, I'd be worried if I was a Necron player.

That includes IG, who received a Valkyrie nerf as soon as enough models were sold.

I think the Necron Codex will go one of two ways- a fail excuse to sell new, fancy kits and then a bail-out, like the Tyranids /Trygon kit.

Or a 'fun and fluffy' Codex like DE....that ain't winnin' nuthin.'

Either way, the scales will still tip towards the lil' Space Marine Battleforce box kiddies...don't wanna discourage them, have them 'rage quit' and go back to playing videogames, after all...

I'm not trying to be like, 'Joe Negative' here, Old Shatterhands...
I've been an admirer of yours for a long time now, and I've recently started lurking about 'Remote Presence' as well...I share your hopes for the Tau...I truly do.
I love the Tau.

Black Templars will most likely follow Necrons, but we might get a new Tau 'dex PRIOR to 6th edition.
Unfortunately, this means that the Tau will get buried by the books that follow, as the cycle of Codex Creep begins anew...with Space Marines, natch. realize how miserable I sound....I'm sorry...I've just kinda lost hope a bit at this point....

Apologies, sir...I'll return to my 'bitter Xenos corner' now....

Black Matt said...

I like the rumor leaks cause it gives me something to do. I'm finding it hard to believe about the necrons though, mainly because the way the ogre book and models were released.

anucer said...

Hey old shatter hand, i noticed that i while ago that you were saying that you had some trouble beating the IG. My friend is a veteran IG player that often win against other players. But for some reasons, as much as his list seems to be a killing one, and all the 1 and 2 i roll (no kidding here, more than half were 1 and 2) i end up winning the game with barely any losses.

So if you whant to share some strategies i'd be glad!

Old Shatter Hands said...

Crons are coming. Check BOLS. Begin the hype NOW.

Diehard2501 said...

Seeing the necrons get some love is actually putting me in the mood to finish my Tau. It gives me hope that 40K is not just a WAAC game. Who cares if they are not the ultimate killing machines. As long as the game is close they will be fine in my book.

Old Shatter Hands said...

Hi Diehard,

Hope your baby is doing well. At this point last year I was running on ZERO sleep coz our daughter was crying non-stop. But after the first year, all's good. and you might even get to play 40k once and a while!

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