Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Adepticon Prep - Infinity

Just a quick post to inform any of you fellow adepticonners, I will be there with my Infinity stuff, including a spare set of figures to teach people how to play. If you interested, I would love to share this game with you, time and space permitting of course.

I am working on a small set of terrain that I can carry around in my figure case and I wanted to show you one of the techno-crates I got from Lo Pan from Remote Presence blog.

I'll have four of these crates, AT-43 crates and some barrels to set up on a table for demos. I'll also have two 100 point army lists for the players. Now I need to work on finishing my own Infinity Tournament army...


Mark Stone said...

I wonder if a lot of Tau players are going to pick up Infinity. It's the kind of game that lets us play the way we probably all wanted to play, and the ARO system is tons of fun.

Tim said...

@Mark, it's funny you say that - I think its true. The infinity forums include tons of disenfranchised Tau players, you can tell by the bits they use for conversions and bases. Lots of tau parts on them.

The visual appeal is there too. Its very similar to what draws people to Tau.

Tael said...

Have to agree there; on all the above points. My eye has wandered from Tau after the anti-climatic rumour-mongering. Infinity and 15mm has my eye at the moment for sci fi gaming.

Container looks great..MNU - nice, haha :D