Sunday, May 27, 2012

How we play

Gaming. It's about play, it's about art, it's about a challenge. Over the years I've come to learn a lot about myself through these things.

I know I'm a creative type but I learned that I'm pretty sensitive about the athletic of things. I'm a little anal about painted figs and even more anal about how terrain looks.

I'm also one who likes to be active. I get frustrated by games that don't allow me much activity on my opponent's turn. I like speed and games that don't draw out over hours.

Narrative is good but not essential- I tend to imagine my own as a game plays out. Yet cinematic events are essential. 9 times out of 10 I'll choose heroics over the smart tactical thing to do.

The outcome of game- win or loss- I've stopped caring about it so much. What's important is the game.

I buy lots of models and I love them all. To love a model is to paint it. I don't care what your skill level is, paint is better than no paint. And yes, it is art - just not a fine art. I applaud every one's best efforts but sometimes I let painters know they can do better.

That's me. What's important to you?


Antisocialnerd said...

I think the most important thing to me is the fluff i always choose sides that fight for good or the closest thing to it.

Preferably as the underdog i never pick or play evil or overpowered armies.

My own painting and modelling is important to me as well and i always endeavor to do my best as it builds a bond between me and my army so that i can always play to the end no matter the outcome.

Martin said...

I think I have similar thoughs on the matter as you do Tim. Constant engagement by the players (games with reaction mechanics are good for this), cinematic gameplay and proper terrain and painted figures.

Now I must admit that I've started breaking the painted miniatures rule more in later years, but mostly so we can keep playing the game as we work on the miniatures.

Narratives are great and I love a good scenario, but like you say even for just straight up firefights the story is easy to visualise in your head.

Most of all I think I play for the minis and the "feel" of the setting. If the rules are somewhat decent I'll probably like it as long as the miniatures and background cathces my imagination.

Drathmere said...

To crush my enemies and hear the lamentations of their women and children.... oh wait, that is Conan....

I love to build, to paint, to tell a story with this hobby art of ours!

Cobalt Cannon said...

I really enjoy making a great play. Winning is nice, but the game become downright not fun when someone else plays a broken(overpowered) army against you and you do nothing but get smashed constantly. That's not fun and it's unsportsmanlike-like.

Not having confidence in your painting is no big deal. At least put a nice smooth base coat on your miniatures after you build them. This is how the good painters in your hobby community can help you enjoy the hobby more. Pick a color that you like and base coat your models. Follow the contours and do as nice of a job as you can. Just like staying in the lines of a coloring book. Then, ask your gaming community, and do small things to your models over time. Add a full body wash. Then try a dry brush over your model. Then try painting a detail or two.

Over time and with little time spent with each painting session, you suddenly have a nice looking force. (MAKE SURE YOU THIN YOUR PAINTS BY ADDING SOME WATER TO THE PAINT ON YOUR PALLET) Use as many drops of water as you do paint, and you should get a 50%/50% dilution.

Give this a shot as a starter and you are off to a great hobby. Remember,.. always ask your hobby community and use any resources you can find. It really helps and it adds to the fun. Like this blog.