Sunday, September 23, 2012

Haramaki Zensenbutai

Yep, another look what I did post. Lots of comments been popping up to get back into Tau blogging. Sadly I can't say I'll be able to deliver. Competitive 40k gaming has burned me out and I just can't bring myself to participate in the tournaments that actually teach you the tactics, list-building and such that I'd need to help you all out. 

I think any kind of Tau blogging that will happen will be showcase posts like this and perhaps some modelling. For 40k, I'm still working on super-fast ways of painting space marines, and it goes well. You just need an airbrush - it can be so easy to get results uber-fast. 

These gents and lady below were painted in July and August this year. I'm honestly not entirely psyched about them. There is something off about them. I think it is the overall dark scheme of them. I must say I learned a lot about painting red with them. 

I still need to develop my blending some more, and I am looking at Glaze Medium to help get smoother transitions of color. Water just isn't cutting it at this stage. 

The display base here was the first I'd ever done and I had to get it done in about 4 hours - drying time included. I hope to make more in the future. It combines two of my hobby loves, making terrain and painting figs. Then once done showcase pics are so much more atmospheric. 

Oh man did yall see the UK GD golden daemon winner? 


Martin said...

Great stuff as always! Really like the deep red you've got going with your Japanese.

I still haven't really decided how I'll do mine. The Domaru and Aragoto I've done so far have been exceptions to the general JSA paint scheme I have yet to come up with I think. Er... if that makes sense. Haha!

Valk said...

I understand that 40K burns people out after a while, and with me, It's usually an uphill battle just to try and get a draw.

Try play some friendly games, and make a odd ball list vs another odd ball list, and see where that goes. A few 40K parody games helps.

For your model, the brown may be too bright, I think the blue you have there or another bright contrast color (green, yellow, Blue) would do better

dzer0 said...

I think I am in the same boat as you when it comes to competitive 40k. 6th edition is fine, but I just cannot motivate myself to reinvent my army or start a new project; it feels too much like starting over?

On the other hand I am also getting deep into Infinity and play Yu Jing as well. I love these Haramaki, especially the deep levels of red you are able to achieve (Blood Angel player) that shine with such a dark model. I think the gold fit the models nicely and the composition of the piece looks complimentary.

One thing that does stick out here (and this is not a criticism just something a fellow infinity/40k player notices) is the feel of grim dark to the piece. Did you do that on purpose or is it old habits dying hard? I almost want to see some graffiti, posters, or road lines just to urbanize the setting a bit more.

I say keep the Infinity posts coming, 40k is not going anywhere.

Tim said...

@Martin, it does make sense actually. I have a whole JSA collection, but I can't decide on a color scheme yet. In the meantime I am painting up some nomads...Its a small collection just for fun.
Haven't seen many infinity posts from ya, have you done anything recently?

@Valk, yeah, there is definitely something "off" on these, but I cant place it. As to 40k, we've been playing friendly games a little. Mostly narrative based scenarios, not straight from the book, with heavy restrictions on army lists to create a theme. I've got Dark Vengence and I wanna make some scenarios for those minis.

@dzer0, yeah I hear ya. If you wanna try something new in 40k, you've gotta paint like 10+ models. Infinity is different, you wanna try something new, paint 1-3 models, lol. I love that!

Martin said...

Yeah, I've been thinking about getting a second faction to fiddle with while I make up my mind.

I've been busy with Dust Warfare and some other stuff during the summer. And also waiting for Paradiso. As soon as I get that in my hands there will be some more Infinity stuff on the blog. Although I do think there are one or two models that I haven't shown yet.

Well, looking forward to seeing more of your stuff and hearing what you guys make of Paradiso!

G Red said...

You have a whole lot of neutral color or apparently neutral color--the gray pants-- on these models. I think that is what seems "off". The eye is drawn to the center of the mini and stays there. I don't recall what the term is for it, for how the color scheme is placed on the figure...It's a composition thing.

Anyway, perhaps some freehand designs to the pants? You could look at traditional Japanese textile designs for inspiration. Something to break up that giant blob of neutral color. Make the legs look not invisible.

And perhaps another accent color? Since you have an analogous color scheme, a red-violet? But keep it light, for contrast with the red.

Assuming of course that they are still WIPs. The actual painting part looks great. You did the red beautifully. The more I see of Infinity miniatures, the more I want to start an army :) But so many choices...