Monday, October 29, 2012

Wargamers in Love

Today we have a guest post from a friend of mine who's currently living in my old haunt, Bratislava, Slovakia. He's doing something unusual for wargaming figurines, see below:

Welcome everyone to my crazy project. I'm about to start a very extensive and important display piece. I've not done something like this before so here's hoping that I can pull it off with your help.

I'm building, sculpting and painting a big piece as part of proposing to my amazing girlfriend.

Big thanks must go to Tim (Old Shatter Hands) for hosting this WIP log. I want to keep it off my blog just in case the lady in my life should happen to click there. 

I'm an English language teacher in Bratislava, Slovakia and between lessons at one company I teach business courses for, I started doodling. Initially my sketch was for a Fellowship of the Ring / Council of Elrond piece that you can see below. Please try to refrain from smirking at my artistic abilities ;-)

Shortly afterwards I got sidetracked and drew a very different sketch in the margin of that page.

This led to some more detailed pictures with an element of scale to them. One was a 3D view and the other a top down plan as I started to size out the end result.

I realised that this project was going to be a challenge but I was undaunted and started shopping for parts. Thanks to Wayland Games ( and Spirit Games  ( for supplying what I need and at high speed. The former gave me some paints and a lot of green stuff at quite low prices. The latter sent the two Reaper models that I'm using for the display. Here are the parts that I'll be using.

The old chopping board will be the base and give me something to construct the display on top of. I was planning to use a 120mm plastic base at first but as I measured the scene up, I realised that it wasn't going to work.

Here's the mock up of the figures where I got the right size for the central plinth section. For those who are interested, that's the lid from a pot of Extra Mature of the greatest foodstuffs ever created ;-)

This is about as far as I am at the moment with the figures on the central section and some pink foam offcuts to show the rough outline / shape of what it will hopefully look like. All in all it will be a bit of a challenge to keep things neat but I am cautiously optimistic. 

My question is, will green stuff adhere and work properly with pink foam to make the whole thing work or is it just too weak? Should I look for some wood or something else to make the basic shape from?



UPDATE: No pics yet but I've since decided to scrap the pink foam central plinth and just use the marmite lid as the model base. The more I play with the foam, the more I realise it's not going to hold the weight of two metal models nicely. One tap could have them ripped out with a chunk of pink foam underneath them. Instead I'm going to use the Marmite lid (a great sacrifice) as the mounting point for the miniatures. The pink foam can act as the basic bulk shape of the pathways for me to put green stuff on and shape the top all being well.

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