Wednesday, March 27, 2013

New Tau Releases

So the new Tau releases are almost here. We've seen plenty of pics and the prices, even though one model has alluded us, the finecast Tau Crisis Suit Commander, but he'll pop up soon enough.

It's hard to measure my excitement. I am completely swamped at work these days, writing proposals for funding and taking classes while making a very small student stipend. This means I haven't time to get my Tau army prepped for the eventual re-emergence from the dark depths of their foamy tombs.

I've got a lot to do:
1) Repair all broken aerials. There are a lot.
2) Touch up paint-jobs on Fire Warriors.
3) Toss out metal Pathies...just kidding.

I'm also collecting bits to convert Crisis Suits. Though I hate the models, they provide a really nice canvas for conversions. Sometimes the boxy-bulkiness of the model makes conversions very easy. Though I have some really cool Crisis Suits, they are all very different. I'm trying to make them more uniform for the next incarnation of my army.

Here's a glimpse of the pieces I am collecting for the conversions.

These will help me to improve the look of the legs and the arms...but I still need to figure how to bulk out the legs below the knee. They're just too weedy!

Anyhow...Did yall see the codex art? Yet another artists interpretation of how crisis suits should REALLY look. 


From The Fang said...

There's some pictures of the commander on a French website that someone linked in the comments of Faeit212

Tael said...

I would suggest raiding the Necron and Grey Knight lines for fun gadgets and mods.

SM Land Speeder also cough up nice mods for systems.

Look forward to your work :)

TheGraveMind said...

Pictures of the commander model. Also up on ATT.

And I feel you on the crisis suits, I was waiting till they got redone with the release, and look, they didn't. I have a few FW suits I've collected over the years, I'll have to make due with them.

I'm looking for alternatives for broadside/riptide models.

Judge Dredd said...

Paulson games for his rail guns and missile pods. use the old crisis suit and magnetize all the payload options. This will maximize your squads to for whatever style your desire to play.