Thursday, May 9, 2013

XV8 Sworn Protectors

Some conversion work I am doing with a combination of war store bits and paulson games weapons and heads. Soon a third battlesuit will get built to serve as the 3rd incarnation of Old Shatter Hands.


tau4eva said...

Looking good. I am about the start the process of redoing some battlesuits. I just got some bits from Paulson Games as well. I used one of their head bits for my Riptide which looks much better scaled than the GW ones.

Nat X said...

Those suit heads are awesome.

Cobalt Cannon said...

Hi Tim!

They look cool! Do those Paulson heads seem slightly big when you see them in real life? What are you proxying those rifles for? Plasma Rifles?
I really like how you changed the feet as well.
This makes me wonder however, are you planning to convert a Farsight into Old Shatter Hands? I have been thinking of doing this as well for a commander. It would really look cool. Also, are you planning on giving Shatter Hands the Onager Gauntlet, so he can shatter things with his hands?

Take care Tim.

Malthus said...

Those are really cool.

Really curious to know what kind of hands you used for these.

Tim said...

The onager gauntlet was made for Old Shatter Hands!!! How could I ever NOT take that piece of kit and use it at every chance?!?

This next incarnation will actually based of a forge world kit, as they're much easier to convert...though I am considering a broadside as a basis...hehehehe

@Matlthus, those hands are from Grey Knight Terminators. Got them off ebay for 1.20.

Jefffar said...

What are the shoulder pads, Crisis Suit Legs?

Tim said...

Those are forge world shoulder pads. For some reason I had a bunch leftover.

Malthus said...

Terminator hands it is...
Thank you for your answer!

Can't wait to see more!