Friday, June 7, 2013

Redemption of Fallen Update: Tactical Marines coming together

 Redemption of the Fallen is a charity army build by 6 miniature painters building and painting one awesome Dark Angels army to be raffled on-line to raise money for Doctors Without Borders. The army is going to be game-ready with a cohesive and balanced list with extra models for you to customize into different lists for some variety.
To purchase raffle tickets and support Doctors Without Borders, please visit this webpage: RAFFLE 
Here is a preview of some of the basic troopers - the Dark Angels Tactical Squads. 
I've used an airbrush on these guys initially to get some nice blending on the armor. Now I am on to other details.
Questions remain like:
Do I incorporate paint-chipping and weather on their armor?
Squad markings hand-painted or transfers with microsol? 
How does the base recipe look? 
Remember these models could end up being yours!

If you'd like to know more, have a look at these past posts about the project:
Army List
Painters and General Information


davetaylor said...

Hi Tim

I saw John's post yesterday. If need be I could help out with a squad. Shoot me an email to tanithtaylor at gmail dot com if you need the help, otherwise no worries. The models are looking real sharp!


Cobalt Cannon said...

The paint recipe you are using tim looks spot on. The highlights are in just the right places without being too extravagant. The decision to use grey on the chest eagle is a good one. Dark Angles should have a cool temperature color scheme, not a warm one. The bleached bone is typically way over used with dark angles and doesn't even look like bone.

Bone is grey and white, and only starts to take on a warmer tone of tan and browns when it's been in the dirt and absorbing the minerals there.

Have you decided on the color of the eyes and weapons casings yet?

I suggest using the transfers to save you some head aches with free hand uniformity. Cover the model with a dull coat when you are finished, and the transfer will look painted on.

Great work!

Tim said...

I dunno about the weapon casings, was thinking of red initially but considering just a cold black.

The eyes will be red-orange I think. Should go well with green.

The green we've decided on using is German Green VMA. It's a military green that helps makes them more realistic - somewhat desaturated as a base but then the highlights get more saturated. I like it. It's a really neat effect.