Thursday, July 25, 2013

Redemption of the Fallen's Master of the Ravenwing

I was thinking late at night as I was painting this guy.
This project is the funnest way to raise money to support Doctor's Without Borders. The organization really save lives in some really poor parts of the world. My father worked for the State Department and we were posted in the Democratic Republic of Congo. During our time there the country broke out into civil war. There was combat in the streets of the capital and it was our time to go. We and other foreign nationals left the country as soon as possible. Except the folks from Doctors Without Borders - they were staying to provide emergence care to civilians. Putting themselves in harm's way to save lives.

So if you are with me, please help us raise money so this organization can continue its work across the globe. Go to and support our efforts. In the process , you could win an army!

Here is just one of the models, about 90% done, with more great stuff to come.

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AJAX said...

I am definitely down for this. I have done some contract work for the United Nations in Angola and I feel for the bystanders who deal with tragedy on a daily basis, I'm all in for supporting this cause.