Monday, December 16, 2013

Farsight Broadsides Completed. Commander and Riptide next

These models were painted as a commission for a local clients collection. They will be part of a Tau allied detachment for his Eldar, which are also red. I really like the red used here. It is Vallejo Model Air: Scarlet. I used airbrush techniques I learned from Studio Giraldez's tutorials. The basic process is, start with a white undercoat. Spray the model in a thinned down version of the main color. In this case the models basically started out pink. Then develop your highlights by spraying the main color on the mini, but avoiding edges and places you want highlighted. Then mix up your shade color and do the shading with the airbrush. Clean up with your main color again and then do line highlights with a traditional brush.
It's not an easy process and I think it represents a development in my airbrush skills.
I used transfers for the markings. They really help tie the mini together in the end. Pigments on the bases. Great stuff and lots of fun.
Got a little excessive with the vignette feature on my editor.


Cobalt Cannon said...


I noticed that you didn't use the extreme shadows that Angel uses. Was this a conscious decision?

I am also curious about the grey tau markings. Did you use custom decals or paint over white decals? Were any of them free-handed?

The black arm on each of them makes them interesting. That was a good idea.

Tim said...

Not sure it was conscious but it happened. I will keep working at it. I love his work and I kinda try to emulate it.

Those are actually transfers all. Maybe the photo made them look grey.

Black arms is good fun. Black just goes so well with the red I used. and it makes them more unique against other red tau armies.

Isifos said...

They do look amazing! Which tutorial exactly did you follow? I would like to try this stuff with other color to improve my airbrush skills as well

Tim said...

Here is the tutorial:

Good luck! Nice blog BTW. I will look for your progress there.