Thursday, January 23, 2014

Farsight Enclave Riptide Progress

Sometimes I think I should just post finished projects. Giving you all a look under the hood kind of diminishes the magic of the finished product. I think this will be the last update until he is done.


gilljoy said...

That red looks fantastic, what colours is it painted with? I'm just starting my first Tau army and want to paint them as farsight

Tim said...

The red is vallejo model air: scarlett, which is quite different from vallejo model color: scarlett. Glad you like it! Thanks!

gilljoy said...

Thanks very much I'll have to try it out myself :)

Cobalt Cannon said...

Yea that model air scarlet is a gorgeous color. It's definately my favorite red.

I'm really enjoying watching the progress on these farsight models. The highlighting on the ion cannon and joints that I am seeing so far is very good and the red is really coming together.

I am curious as to what other weapons are going to be mounted on this riptide. Are you magnetizing the hard points or are specific weapon systems going to be mounted?

Also, do you have anything special in mind for the base Tim?

Tim said...

I did a lot of work on this guy over the weekend and the metal parts are looking really good (IMO). This is the first time I tried to do NMM with an airbrush and I have definitely learned a lot - Its not a total failure but lacking in some areas as I will show in a later post.

The base is actually predetermined by the client. It's a nice base though and matches the rest of the guys I've done so far. Good news, too. The client has upped his commission so I'll be doing a second Riptide and a bunch of drones.