Monday, March 23, 2015

The Lannister Twins

It may seem odd to some, but the Lannisters are actually my favorite house in GOT. There is something about the villians that really get my rocks off. Of course we all love Tyrion, but I really liked Jaime, and Kevan Lannister as well. Then there is the cold, calculating Tywin...Tyrion really gets all his bad-assness from him. Cersei? What's not to like? Love her.

What it really comes down to is good reading. Anyone else got a favorite house? If you say the Starks, you've been watching HBO too much and need to get the books in your hot little hands.

Anyway, here are the Lannister twins that I have been working on. Imperial Knight Titans with big-ass melta-guns. No idea what those things are called but they certainly look dangerous. This project is being done as a commission...and I am two days behind schedule! The bases need to get done and that happens tonights. Then I get some pro-shots of the twins and ship them out.


Codicier Ignatius said...

Those are some fine looking Knights. Are all the lion insignia freehand? They look great.

Personally, my favorite house are the Martells, though the Lannisters and Greyjoys are both pretty awesome in their own ways.

Tim said...

The lion heraldry is all freehand - hence being off center and kinda wonky...but I feel they add some "authenticity" to the models. haha!

Martells are interesting, but I never got into them because they seemed like a sideline to the main story. A lot of storylines went that way though...the Greyjoys are probably my second favorite.

nelsonus said...

Love the weathering and grim, I-will-melt-your-face-off look and stance.

As for houses, Tyrell is quietly my favorite. Just playing the game and pimping out the hot daughter, with a little bit of class. Also they rule their kingdom with niceness, backed by serious cunning.

Greg Hess said...

The weathering, especially chips are really well done. I love the shading in the white. Not flat at all and very interesting!

Cobalt Cannon said...

Hi Tim!

Man I love these!! The color scheme with the weathering as the other guys said is just fantastic!

I especially like the toning on the metallics (Gun barrels). Are you using pigment powders now Tim, or are you doing all of those effects with paint? I see several areas that look like pigments have been applied.

Tim said...

I have to say I am a little behind on pigments, rust effects and so on. I use just regular paints (vallejo and GW) and GW shade colors. That tonation is from spraying GW shades through an airbrush. It works surprisingly well! A bit like ghost tints I'd expect.