Thursday, June 18, 2015

Never done something as shiny as that!

Wheels are fully "articulated." Meaning this baby can roll. I'm racing it all over the flat. I'm really just a kid at heart.


Admiral Drax said... the right answer.

That's what we're in the hobby for, right?

- Drax.

Unknown said...

What are you using for the tires on these? I've given a lot of thought to an army like this in the past, but one of the issues that I've had is wanting the army to have a consistent look - and I think that having consistent tires on all the vehicles makes the world of difference.

Tim said...

OK so first off, consistency is not something you should be overly concerned about when doing a post-apocalyptic army, in my opinion. I've got 50s car bodies in the same force as I have car bodies made in 2000s. (even one "Barbie-Car" that is crewed by punk grrls).

But if wheels are what you need and want to be consistent, then I supposed that is the best place to do it. These wheels are lego. I bought a bag of Lego wheels on ebay for like 8 dollars and I got a ton of them. the neat thing is they come with axils that you can glue your chasis to. I highly recommend them.