Saturday, July 25, 2015

Lords of the Wasteland: She-Wolf and Her Crew WIP

I'm having loads of fun converting die cast cars into Wasteland raiders. It's almost like entire bits collection was meant for this purpose. I'm finding tons of uses for all stuff I'd collected over the years, never really knowing what for.

This is She-Wolf. A mustang converted to weapon of war. Harpoon gunner in front akin to the claw trucks in Fury Road. The engine has been placed in the boot of the car and I'm still working on where the fuel goes.

My goal is that all of these cars follow what logic dictates. I'm thinking She-Wolf attacks from the rear, putting all her killing power up front while the engine is protected in the rear of the car.

The lancer is magnetized for gaming. I'm working on making a collection of cars for me and my gaming buddies to use with Gorkamorka rules. So the lancer on top will be chucking frag stikkbombz or even boarding enemy cars. That's why I wanted him removable. The driver is there too, and the doors of the car open so I'm working on detailing him a bit and his cab.

There's still a ways to go on She-Wolf, but I'm really enjoying the process. I'm finding it helpful to go slow. Convert these cars a bit, then do some other painting, come back and do some more converting. Helps keep the conversions more controlled and ponderous. 

Here's a shot of my other cars. Also very much a work in progress. 


John said...

I see Lego wheels in there. Nice!

Tim said...

Good eye, John! Those are indeed lego wheels. They're easy to install (come with their own axles) and can still turn, which is very good for gaming and playing with them. My idea is bring out the toy aspect of these a little more than I usually do.