Monday, September 21, 2015

Immortan Joe's Muster

So its no secret that I am building a 40k army based off of the Citadel's forces in Mad max: Fury Road. I'm sure I'm not the only one. My army is slowly becoming more a replica army than I originally wanted. Replicas are fun but even the slightest flaw is crushingly noticeable, especially for a movie as popular as Fury Road. 

So far I have a list that I am working toward, but I am open to other ideas. Here's the thing, I am not much of a gamer or list builder. This means I am pretty bad at coming up with my own lists. I don't frown on net-listing either. Basically I want an army that works, but I can't be bothered to make a list of my own. Instead, I'd rather focus on the modeling and painting, then throw some dice on the battlefield. 

If you'd like to help me, I'd love to hear how you would write an army list for Immortan Joe's Armada. 

Post your Fury Roadarmy list  in the comments and it may just end up being the list I use.

To get your juices flowing, here some pics of the work I've done so far. 

Scrappy, the super-charged off-road tractor from hell. 


At dawn, we ride!


Strumwulf said...

Looks great. You've done some great modeling here.

John Stiening said...

I would play them as orks. Speed freaks precisely.

sonsoftaurus said...

Orks would definitely be the easiest translation, with warbuggies for most small vehicles, and looted wagons/trukks/battlewagons for larger ones. If you later expand on the force bikers, koptas, dakkajets and the various ork walkers would do well with the Mad Max treatment, and a lot of their stuff is halfway there anyways.

Tim said...

The problem with running them as orks is, well, ork buggies are awful. they just don't instill any sense of fear. They can't assault either so its hard to imagine them as fighting platforms. However, I'm thinking that ork nobz bikers might represent mad max cars well...another friend has suggested DE venom spam. still on the fence.

Anonymous said...

Ork trucks with rams and the other options that allow either the truck or a passenger to attack is exactly what you are looking for. Ork truck spam is a viable list too. They are fast enough and aggressive enough to be competitive in pick-up games, and will explode with satisfying results as you take the other guys army with you. The toughest part would be all the extra bodies you'd need.

Unknown said...

Love the look of this army. What scale are the cars you're using?