Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Pursuit Car: She-Wolf

She Wolf is inspired by Razor Cola and one of the claw trucks from Fury Road. She's not large enough to have a harpoon gun, so instead she's got a large crossbow for spearing crew members, drivers and popping wheels. 

The lancer on top is magnetized for game play. In that way he's a removable turret. I kinda like her better without him. 

I worked hard to give this model a detailed interior with a driver, additional weapons, cargo and other details. In the end, the driver was kinda weak, but at least he's there. 

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Frenzy said...

These are really cool! My favorite part is the crew, I love the effective posing on the gunners and lancers; they look really natural. The painting on the skin is exceptional as well. However LEGO tires and the car itself unfortunately lack some fine detailing and the feeling of textures. Maybe the blandness and the toy-like feel could be adjusted with a flaking paintjob and some additional detailing?

I dig the idea and the execution so far! They're very Mad Max, but I could see them as desert raiders or underhive gang as well. Great job!