Friday, September 25, 2015

She-Wolf gets some paint

It's so much fun doing these cars. It's expensive sourcing all the bits, but getting them together, painting them and looking at them is just pure joy.

For some reason I really don't mind doing tabletop quality painting on these. I'm definitely moving fast on them as I paint, I think in part because I am just too excited to get them done and on the board.

I've settled on this color pallet for now. Moving forward, I'm going to limit myself and that will make things a lot easier and faster. And it'll keep this motley crew of cars looking like a unified force.

All that is missing on She-Wolf is her rooftop lancer and he's already on his way. Below you can see how I do the thundersticks. Plastic rod and and plastic tube on the top. Space Marine purity seals and then thread, glued in place and then spun around the sticks. 

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Psybilliah said...

These look so good! I cannot wait to see them in person again!