Monday, November 9, 2015

Baltimore Brawl Corregidor Sectorial Army Build

 In this post we look at my Corregidor Sectorial Army collection that I brought to the Baltimore Brawl. This army was intended to represent some sort of corporate security force. I wanted something along the lines of Neill Blomkamp's great films and I think I came close. The whole army was assembled and painted within a month's timespan, so the paint jobs and conversions are more for tabletop effect than up-close inspection. I definitely rushed it toward the end, but was overall very proud to display my forces on the tables at Games N Stuff.

Tau drones were repurposed to represent the Zonds in the rules. With climbing plus I thought it fitting to have levitating drones about. 
Group shot on my painting desk. I made the army list based on getting a symmetrical display of figures. The two geckos and two drones really frame the infantry quite well. 
I'm a proud papa when I look at how my boys have come into their own. Geckos are THE SHIT. The models are bas-ass, the rules aren't bad either, and they just stomp around the board. Love them!
Total Reaktion Zon on the right there. Also with Climbing plus. Very nice for a reaction bot. 

The Wildcats formed as a linked team. I made the heads by making molds with insta-mold of the Mobile Brigada head from Icestorm. Then I pushed green stuff into the molds to make replicates. It sort of worked well, but I have to add a lot of detail with painting. 
I really liked tossing an army together from box to board in just a few weeks. I really enjoyed it on the table top. I think the meta is way ahead of a list like this. Many people just knew exactly where my LT was within a few minutes of game play. Still, moving two TAGs around is a lot of fun, so I didn't mind watching my army getting blown up, shot, sliced in half, hacked, and immobilized in various ways.

Things to do next:
1) Clean up the Geckos some, esp add more color and contrast, do some more points of light.
2) Finish the doctor lady, and the sniffer model.
3) Kitbash two helperbots (g:servant bots) from necron and tau bits. Paint.
4) Kitbash link-team leader counter (tau bits, flag).
5) Add a dog-soldier and jaguars...


Miniature Tim said...

Looks amazing man. I said so on the WGC post you put up, and I'm following it up here. Really love what you've done and can't wait to see more :)

Anonymous said...

Man, those Wildcat conversions look phenomenal.