Monday, March 21, 2016

Mad Max Fury Road Army Update

We are slowly plugging away at the Fury Road army. It's just so much fun to do.

This is my version of the Nux Car. Its made from a Die cast toy. I deconstructed it, sawed it to pieces and reassembled it the way I wanted. The figures I used on it kinda just fell into place. 

As you can see here, the model on the back of the vehicle is removable and stays in place with a magnet. He is currently my army's Archon as I am using the DE codex as a base. 

Here is a warboy feeling all powerful on his new ride. The spear gun is made from spare parts. I really like converting the weapons. Peter Pound's concept art from Fury Road serve as inspiration more than the actual film. His artwork just has this feel I really want to capture in my work. 

Here are some of my warboys. The thunderstick-wielders will be used as Kalabite Trueborn with Blasters. I plan on making a lot more warboys with various weapons to represent the different troops in my army. The next group of infantry on the agenda are the Counts-As Medusae. Warboys with flamers!

Stay tuned. 


Zzzzzz said...

I have bought a few plastic cars (1/43 Hellier ones) to do some of this with. I don't suppose you have a secret source of suitable wheels as well ?

NafNaf said...

Looking absolutely fantastic. I cant wait to see more of this project come together

sonsoftaurus said...

Marvelous. Look forward to more!

Anonymous said...

So I played Mad Max for the PS4 a few weeks ago and it was just phenomenal. I saw GW's planning to reboot some super old game that comes off like the original Mad Max, but I think I'd still prefer Gorkamorka for a better Fury Road vibe.

Meanwhile, couple of the guys at Victory were trying out This is Not a Test the last time I was there. No vehicle rules, but your minis would still fit perfectly in that post-apoc setting as well.

Tim said...

@Zzzzzz, tires and wheels can be tough. As you can see I have used Ork truk and ork biker wheels on the Nux car. For other wheels, I got my hands on a Imperial Guard Jeep from Forge World. Those wheels are perfect. I got the set and then I cast them and replicated them in multiples so my wheel woes are over! Space Marine bike wheels work great as well, but i have yet to cast any.

Someone out there needs to make a 1/43 post-apoc car conversion set that includes:
Engines and top hats with blowers.
Spearguns and other Post-apoc weapons.
hood ornaments.

Zzzzzz said...

HUmmmm. Many thanks. I'm gonna have another look at Zinge Industries - they did some worth while bits - time to pay them another visit.

Lightning Slayer said...

Loving this! Really like the cars man, keep up the good work :)