Thursday, May 5, 2016

Pursuit Vehicle...Needs a Name

In a world where there is only one of everything, each pursuit vehicle has its personality. 
Each vehicle is worshipped as a god. 
Each gets a name.
As creator...I cannot find a name for this one. 
What would you call it?


Zzzzzz said...

Devil's thingy.

Something chariot.

Or maybe even 'Devil's Chariot'. If you can stand the cheesiness.

Anonymous said...

Off-topic question:

I have a problem of paint building up on my airbrush's needle. I currently just do a mix of water and paint and don't think I can thin it down further. What do?

I feel like there's probably some sort of medium or actual airbrush-oriented thinner I should be using. What do you recommend/use and know any places round here that'd carry it?

Tim said...

HI Craig,

Paint will inevitably build up on your airbrush's needle during painting. This is mitigated a little by using actual "airbrush thinner" but it still occurs, just less frequently. If you want to keep using water, you might need to add more water to your mix, so that the paint is super thin. Airbrush thinner is just better because it evaporates faster than water so you don't get spidering and drops forming.

But it still occur.
What I do is I keep an old toothbrush around and some alcohol. When I get build-up, I dip the toothbrush in the alcohol, wipe some of the alcohol off, then scrub the tip of airbrush.

During a long airbrush session, you will always need to do a quick clean now and then. I will airbursh without the back-cap so I can remove the needle quicker for spot cleaning like that.

Hope that helps.