Thursday, June 23, 2016

Fury Road Army Sneak Peak...the Post Apocalypse Monster Truck

Here is a little shot of my current car. I decided it was time to make something big to center my collection in the table top. This model started life as two toy car kits - one monster truck and one 55 chevy wrecker. I took them apart, stripped any paint off of metal parts and started getting them together.

The figures are AoS Bloodreaver conversions and will represent some kind of elite unit in the army. If I am using the Dark Eldar Codex I think they might end up as Hekatrix bloodbrides, not sure. The truck itself will likely end up as a Raider stand-in.

But ultimately I would like to create my own stats for these models.

I've registered for the NOVA OPEN!

I am thinking of joining the Narrative track, probably as a night fighter, but I could go through the warlord track. Its a matter of time commitments though, as I have two kids and I'm local. I will be expected to be a parent for much of the weekend.

Those going to NOVA, what do you guys think? Narrative?

Also, anyone local up for some GorkaMorka?

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Kevin Comer said...

I will also be there, Tim, but only for Thursday and Friday. Similar to you, I've got two kids, and I can't afford the time on the weekends. My main focus is the seminars, since I've fallen out of love with the competitive gaming world (not that there was much love to begin with). Hopefully I will see you there!