Monday, March 6, 2017

Tau Storm Surges, Angel Giraldez, and Bloodbowl update

The Studio Giraldez Book 1 came out a while ago and has been one of my go-to eye candy reads since I got it. I've never actually used the techniques or guides from it until now. The trouble I had with the book is that it often cited paints I didn't have and didn't really want to have. Vallejo Paints are nice, I use them often, but lately I've switched to using Citadel paints because I like their finish better. 
The thing is, one of my local clients once remarked how he really like the cross styles of using Infinity style paint schemes on GW tau models. So I decided to follow Angels guide for these storm surge weapons. 
I had to adapt the colors to my paint collection but I think it worked out. Here are the results. 

Next I want to show you how my blood bowl team is shaping up. The chaos team I'm building is going to have all the options for the team...including a chainsaw (Max Spleenplitter) and a Minotaur. Here is the minotaur I built from the GW bullgor set.

I used Citadels Blood for the Blood God for the splattered blood effect. It's a great paint to play around with. It a glossy, bright, and really looks like blood. But as usual effects like this need to be applied with restraint. So I actually masked off the rest of the model with tape before I splattered blood on the hands. 

The team poses for a group shot. The pillars in the background are for rerolls, turn, and score counters. The evil face one is my icon of Nuffle - an effort to curry favor of the fickle, spiteful god. 

My latest match against Lizardmen. 

This is my next project for the team. Max Spleensplitter. 

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