Sunday, September 28, 2008

Old Shatter Hands

Old Shatter Hands is my Cadre's Shas'o Commander. I always play him as a Shas'O with Plasma Rifle, Missile Pod, and Hard-Wired Multitracker. His other wargear slots vary, but he usually takes a stimulant injector, positional relay or vectored retro-thrusters.

He's old for a Fire Caste Tau and wears a specially designed suit, awarded to him after his successes in the Third Sphere Expansion campaigning against Imperial forces. He trusts tried and true technology. Atypical of most tau, he is reluctant to take and rely upon experimental weapons. His reilable old plasma rifle has taken down many a foe from Eldar Autarchs, countless space marines, and even swathes of Imperial Guardsmen.

There is a lot of customization on this figure. Most of it has been copied from various modellers whose work I've seen on the internet. The missile pod was my own creation however as were his trademark hands that were taken from space marine kits.

The name, Old Shatter Hands, comes from a character in Karl Mai novels. I've never read a Karl Mai book but I know the character and really like the name. When I broke a bone in my hand from punching a friend while roughhousing (tequila can be very dangerous), the name seemed to fit my incarnation on the tabletop.


MisterX said...

I really like this model - grand job of painting and making him characterful.

Can I ask what you used for the leg guards?

Old Shatter Hands said...

Thanks, MisterX, leg guards in the thigh are SM dreadnought powerplant casings. On the calf, they are necron shoulder pads.

By the way, i posted a link to your blog on mine...just trying to get all Tau blogs linked on mine. Know of any other good ones, besides what I've got?

For the Tau'va.

MisterX said...

Thanks for the link. I guess that means I should start posting things worth reading, eh? :p

As for others - you seem to have all of the main blogs that I have encountered.