Thursday, May 7, 2009

You Tube Video Amatuer Night! - Tactic Video

Pathfinders are an awesome unit, so are Piranhas! Get them to work together. Pathfinders are vulnerable units...a dirty look from a Space Marine can knock them over. So keep them close to or even behind their Devilfish for a cover save. Remember markerlights cannot be negated by cover so there really is no downside to hiding pathfinders behind other units.

This video isn't about keeping pathfinders's about seeker missiles. Arm your Piranhas with 2 seeker missiles each and you won't go home unhappy (unless you've got my luck and roll ones, habitually). Be sure keep those Piranhas alive though as you'll need them to contest objectives at the end of the game.

Piranhas should work the flanks, darting behind cover while their seeker missiles fly off to hit targets marked by Pathfinders. You can hit side and rear armor of vehicles, or hit marines cowardly hiding behind Rhinos. I'm sure you'll find uses for them.

Let me know what you think. I am constantly looking for ways to counter balance my horrible luck.

Old Shatter Hands for the Greater Good!


bG said...

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Dictator said...

Awesome vid. I do not play Tau, but have an idea what to do when facing them. Thanks! :) Great to see you are back, alive and posting