Sunday, August 2, 2009

Deathrain Crisis Suits

Deathrain crisis suits are any suits that are armed with twin-liked missile pods and any combination of other systems. Some players choose to fill the 3rd slot with a target array, giving the suit a BS4 which all but guarantees that you'll hit with each shot. Others choose shield generators for a 4+ invulnerable save, but I choose the humble flamer. The flamer is the cheapest option and it gives the suits some bite as units get real close. Last Thursday I was able to flame some Orks with 23 flamer hits. You may decide other systems suit your style of play and I believe it makes little difference in the unit's role on the tabletop. It's the twin-linked missile pods that are important.

5th Edition is all about mech and Deathrains are very effective at destroying rhinos, Ork trukks, and others. Against AV12 they have a chance but don't count on them to wreck chimeras and wave serpents. Twin-linking the missile pods means that you don't have to rely on markerlights to hit. Leaving then markerlights for other units that need their guidance more.

Their range is also important as you can move away from units and still pump out the same amount of shots, as opposed to plasma rifles which tempt you to move closer to get in extra shots.

I generally keep them close to my vehicles. They jump out shoot and then jump back behind the vehicle to claim a 4+ cover save or even to block line of sight. You could also deep-strike them behind Imperial Guard Tanks and wreck those tanks from the rear. If you're doing this though I might suggest to equip with shield drones or shield generators, as they will most definitely take some return fire.

In my army, they have become a standard unit in any size games. Once you start fielding them, you'll know why.


Raptor1313 said...

I have to say that I don't think deep-striking a crisis suit team is ever really that great of an idea.

With missile launchers, you could get rear armor, but if that guardsman has any Russes nearby that you don't kill, there's a decent chance they'll pop the suits. Or, you'll just get torrented down by lasguns. It also implies getting rear shots in, which is not a given. Additionally, it loses you turns of shooting.

I do agree with the missile pods, but I think plasma rifles give you an important AP2 shot, and more anti-infantry love.

Still, if you're going twin-linked missile pods, I think I'd take the flamer. In a pinch, well...might as well burn stuff.

Old Shatter Hands said...

To be completely honest, I never deep strike my suits. I was just presenting it as an idea...Though I can think of games in which I wish I had.

Plasma rifles are great you're right. The thing is they cost so damn much and I'd rather have twin-linked weapons than BS3 Plasma Rifles. I normally field a Fire Knife team Bodyguard unit so I can get BS4 Missile Pods and Plasma Rifles.

I must say, I can't stand playing against Guard just isn't fun anymore. You spend the entire game just removing models as your opponent just sits back without moving or doing anything interesting and blows your army off the table.

Simon said...

I had a lot of fun playing with Deathrain suits in 4th Edition (which was the last time I played my Tau). They were remarkably effective against my main opponent's Razorback and Dreadnought.

Old Shatter Hands said...

Simon, come back to the greater good. You can still win with Tau in 5th. It is possible!

NockerGeek said...

The Deathrain suit has been very effective for me, especially against my friend's Eldar army. Not only are the missiles good for popping his transports, but they're also good for picking off his farseer and autarchs - S7 means instant death, a fact he's become all too aware of. Also, packing flamers (instead of the targetting arrays that some players run) gives the suit both a decent defense and a secondary purpose - flushing out his Pathfinder Rangers and anything else hiding in cover.

Pretty much any list I run has at least 2, and sometimes 3 (adding a team leader with a target lock).

Old Shatter Hands said...

Ha! This brings up another point in favor of deathrains...they eat Eldar for breakfast!!!

Simon said...

It isn't so much that I don't think Tau as an army can win, but I know that my collection could never hack it in a 5th edition game. It was very much a 4th edition list - heavy on Crisis Suits and light on troops. True LOS would do a number on my suits now and the Fire Warriors don't have any transports to keep them safe and get them where they need to go.

I'm also pretty deep into a few other armies right now and just can't afford to start up Tau again. They were my first real army though so I'm sure I'll come back to them.

CJ said...

Hey old shatter hands,

I have to say I've become to fear missle pods. I once was stupid enoug to put my seer council on the table. let's just say after all the shooting 4 warlocks where dead. this combanation really has me running for cover. The flamers are a great way to keep me at a distance all though I fear the Plasma rifles more but that's a personal thing I guess.

Cheers CJ

CJ said...

Oh and I just got to say your I LOVE your paint scheme and painting skills. If you could I would love to see a collection of your models some day?

Cheers CJ

Anonymous said...

I adore them!

My "Escort Team" config:
- 1 with twin MP and flamer
- 1 with MP and twin flamer

Cheap, versatile, and with a PF DF, deepstrikable. There's really nothing like burning IG squads out of cover. Plus, they're great to escort devilfish on the advance, protecting them from assaults and giving them much-needed higher-strength firepower.

2 Warfish + 1 Escort Team ftw!

Old Shatter Hands said...

Only 2 suits? I go with three...