Wednesday, August 5, 2009

SGI Outdoor Tournament: Thoughts on Tau Leadership

So this weekend sees the first SGI Charity Tournament that will be held at a park, outside. Craziness but I can see the benefits. First off, it will be cooler. Being in a room with 40 or so other gamers can really pump up the heat and stuffiness which I am never a fan of. Second, I can take my shirt off and work on my tan while playing 40k.

Just kidding that would be wierd.

I'm hoping my list is sound. It's highly mobile and packs a punch but I am lacking any leadership support which is a concern. Tau are prehaps the only 40k army that has problems with morale. I've thought about swapping my 2 broadsides for Shadowsun, but that leaves a hole in the long-range anti-vehicle weaponry in my arsenal. The other option is swapping my piranhas out for Shadowsun, but then I lose the abilty to contest objectives on Turn 5. That said, piranhas can't tank shock so that may not be the best role for them anyway.

An ethereal is out of the question. I've got the limited edition ethereal but he isn't painted and, quite simply, he sucks in game terms.

Some players may laugh at my concern over leadership but when you play like I do, hugging table edges and keeping a distance, it can become a problem. I've bonded most of my units but that doesn't prevent them from failing the initial morale check.

The only real option I think I have is play style. If I can deny the enemy kills by staying out of range, hugging cover or vehicles, and keeping the majority of my infantry in transports, I should be ok. But no plan survives contact with the enemy.

What about the other Tau players out there? Am I fretting over small change or is this something that you guys try to deal with as well? What do you do to minimize morale checks or prevent failure? Even battlesuits are only Ld 8.


Anthony Yeates said...

For me my I focus more on denying the enemy the ability to cause moral checks, using cover and doing my best to stop the enemy drawing LOS on my suits. Joining my Shas'el to other suit squads never hurts either. As for the question of swapping Shadowsun for '88s, I don't think you can afford to lose the anti-tank, especilly when it's so good at what it does.

Adam said...

Tau are designed to fail morale checks when the going gets tough and fall back, then regroup.

Battlesuits are the perfect example of this as they can fall back 3D6, effectively getting them out of tight spots very quickly.

This is also why we have access to the BONDING KNIFE so Battlesuit teams can regroup when under half strength.

Old Shatter Hands said...

It seems to me they are more designed to fall back off of the table :0

Adam said...

Yeah, that too...

Just do your best until we get a new Codex.

I still think that Shadowsun is a fat waste of points by the way!

Old Shatter Hands said...

Shadowsun is cool. But yes, for 175 points she's too expensive. I like fielding her though. It helps to have Ld10 in your army...but considering her price versus some of the space marine characters like Pedro Cantor, who get better abilities and confer god-like power to the entire army, she's way over-priced.

A new codex is going to take a while I'm afraid. I predict we won't see one until late 2010 or later.

Simon said...

What does your list look like? A friend of mine and I just got in a few games and he used my old Tau and now I'm thinking about repainting some of them. I have no idea what an effective 5th edition Tau army looks like though.

Anonymous said...

I agree that Tau morale concerns are preeminent... which is why I prefer the magic 2-5-9-13 squad sizes, to reduce the number of checks I might have to make, and if I fail them and fall off the table, to reduce the number of models that does so.

That's the reason I don't use the 2-broadside + 2-drone combination... I'll either field some sort of squad of 2, or a huge battery of 3 suits and 2 drones.

I think the positional relay helps to prevent this over the course of a game ( all else being equal, of course ) by risking less of the army by holding many units in reserve. I also intend to run only a single unit of fire warriors, using kroot instead whose operating areas will be limited and thus protected as much as possible.