Saturday, November 28, 2009

Desktop Shot

Here is just a glimpse of my upcoming projects for the Inner Circle Tournament on Dec. 12th. You can see my new XV8 Shas'Vre Fireknives in the background and a new addition to my Piranha Attack Wing. I'll be bringing three to the tournament. Not shown is a new XV88 made with parts from a stock GW Broadside and Forge World pieces. He looks great but I want to show you a finished product when it's finally unveiled.

I'm also going to be working on some conversion posts for you guys that will be posted next week.



CJ said...

Looking good so far OSH looking forward to the boradside battlesuit conversion :) hope we can enjoy on of you displayboard pictures of the entire army for the tournament. always a treat.

Cheers CJ

Pete W said...

Yeah, it all looks cool. I'm probably going to sign up for the tournament as well. It'll be fun to have a day of tough games, regardless of whether I win or not.

I'd better scoot now and get painting my spider tank. I want everyone at Dream Wizards to be impressed when I bring it along for our game :-)

Pearlygates said...

Following on from CJ's comment, OSH I would love to see a gallery of your entire army, including your conversions as your models are painted so well.

We only get to see little amounts of your models as you either focus on displaying one model (usually a conversion or an individual crisis suit) or a large battleforce in one picture that is too hard to view and appreciate each squad indivually.

For your next blog can you do a gallery showing each squad in their FOC please.

Pete W said...

Well I've seen OSH's army up close and can say that it is really quite impressive. He has really put in a good effort to keep the look cohesive and really solid up close.

We've got a game scheduled for this thursday so maybe we can do a pregame photo shoot for each army so you can see it all set up together. I'll be bringing my big spider tank ( so we'll see if railguns can triumph over twisted steampunk ingenuity :-)

Old Shatter Hands said...

I've been thinking of doing a full gallery of the army for the blog. I can begin work on that next week. I'll just bring out every Tau model I've finished and get it into a gallery. Probably though Flickr.