Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Great Plastic Citadel of Skulls

What great work the Citadel spray gun can do in the hands of a master! This beautiful structure is the handy work of the staff at the Glen Burnie Bunker as a display model for the new GW terrain kit. This piece was painted in Deathwing colors and came out beautifully. It’d be easy to field this fortress as a great centerpiece for any Planetstrike or Apocalypse game, the hard part would be hiding it from your wife!


Pearlygates said...

That does look impressive!!

Imagine a city-of-death game with about 4 or 5 of them on the table!

I wish that either Gamesworkshop or Forgeworld would bring out some Tau buildings;

I just don't have the patience to sit down with 200 toilet rolls, 4 pot-plants, an empty 4litre cola bottle and a hub-cap stolen off my neighbour's car to build my own!

Painting the bloody thing is bad enough!!!

Do you have any Tau buildings or just use the standard GW/Forgeworld buildings?

Pete W said...

That is very impressive indeed. I'm vaguely interested in this piece but when you look at the price and realise you could get a hefty chunk of figures for the same amount, it's a harder sell. Maybe once I get to make my own gaming table and need something to fill it with.

Now if only it could come with...MOAR SKULLZ!

Sholto said...

I love it - terrain makes a good game memorable in the way little else can.