Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Army Showcase: Fire Warriors

"War isn't about dying for the Tau'Va" Old Shatter Hands addressed the Cadre's Shas'Ui, "it's about making the enemy die for it."

"These young warriors are bred for battle, yes, but not slaughter. Protect your flanks, keep moving and trust your leaders."

Sidestriker stepped forward. "The Cadre moves out at dusk. Prepare the Shas'la."


Pearlygates said...

Damn, your Fire Warriors look great!!

Love the look of that Shas' Ui on the top photo.

OSH, continuing from your last comment btw, I think you should keep the kroot in your force instead of bringing in the Pathfinders.
My reason being is that, seeing as your playing 'capture and hold' objective missions in the upcoming tournement, you have an additional troop choice with kroot that can infiltrate and gain those vital cover saves too! Plus they're considerably cheaper!

May I ask what is your reason for wanting to use the Pathfinders instead?

Cannonfodder said...

Wonderfully painted Tau. Thank you for sharing

Simon said...

I remember what a slog it was to get through 24 of these guys - yours turned out a lot better than mine did.

Pete W said...

They look really good OSH. I love the mottled skin effect you have going on. I might leave one or two of my next batch of Fire Warriors with a bare head so I can play around with some skin tones.

Old Shatter Hands said...

Thanks guys! I've painted nearly 48 of these guys. The ones in this picture were actually done as a batch of 16!!! It was a slog...and the quality suffered a little. The squad you see in my header was much more detailed. Though it took me a lot longer to do.

Pearly I think you're right, the kroot are in. I'm looking at getting a Flip Camera before the event and then I'll add a lot more videos to my Youtube channel. Keep posted.

Anonymous said...

Your blog and your awesome painting makes me want to stop painting space marines for a while and start a Tau army.. It's that good.

Pete W said...

Tahrikmili, do it :-)

I switched over from marines to Tau a little while ago and it's a lot of fun. I still play with my marines (Tau force is too small) but it's fun painting the different shapes and colour schemes. Plus you get to have a totally different playing style to work with.