Monday, December 7, 2009

Read how I get the cr@p beaten out of me by the Super Defiler!

Click the picture above for a battle report wherein my cadre gets spanked royally by a Giant SuperHeavy Spider Tank! Awesome photos and detailed write-up.


Pete W said...

Thanks for the link up OSH. I was thinking of captioning that photo.

'So we're supposed to charge that, which will help the Greater Good how, Shas'Ui?'
'Don't ask silly questions, Shas'la.'

Adam said...

No wonder the Tau lost, it was a 4x4 table. Although they should have targeted the defiler as a top priority.

An armoured unit that can fleet of foot is bad news for the relatively slow moving Tau army.

Old Shatter Hands said...

Damn thing! I was throwing every railgun in the army at it but for some reason kept rolling 1s to penetrate. Just bad luck I guess.

The board is one I made to be primarily for I just have to get enough ruined buildings for that.

Pete W said...

To OSH's credit, he directed a good amount of firepower (6-8 railguns, 2 fusion blasters within 6") at the spider tank but the dice really weren't playing nicely. I think he rolled all misses on his first broadside shots and rerolls (with targeting arrays). The next couple of turns his LOS was partly blocked by a ruin and I passed at least three 5+ cover saves. Those times he did hit, his shots rolled 1 or 2 for armour penetration. Even the fusion blasters missed.

To his great credit though, OSH kept focused on the mission. If he had wiped out my last two tactical marines on one side, it would have been a killpoint draw.

I mean, the man took on a super heavy fleeting walker on a 4x4 board that gave him nowhere to run and still nearly battered the marines into the ground.