Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Shas'El Side-Striker

This is the young Side-Striker at 95% completion. I took these pictures yesterday and then brought him back to my painting table and worked on some more parts. I hand-painted in a Tau symbol on his fusion blaster and touched up some of the highlighting and outlining. I'll have more pictures of him later today most likely. One thing I am unsure of right now is whether to have burnt and charred marks on his fusion blaster. It seems like it would be fitting but I am not sure how to go about it right now. Do I stipple in dark browns or do I use citadel wash for that? Any thoughts?

On a side note, there are lot of tournaments coming up in the Maryland DC Virginia area. Look to the sidebar under "Where to Find Old Shatter Hands" on this blog for links to tournaments that I will be attending. If you'd like to attend of them as well and your not an Inner Circle Member, never fear! I can sign you up AND recommend you for membership in the Club. I'll be dusting off my Blood Angels and adding some unit to the army for these two tournaments. Last night I assembled my second Baal Predator and got about 15 space marines ready for priming. I'll be sure to post updates as I go.


Adam said...

Excellent work. I say 'keep him clean'. He has just rolled off the factory floor after all.

I miss my Tau :(

Simon said...

I have to agree - young Sidestriker's guns probably wouldn't be scorched yet.

I can't remember if you've talked about how you play this guy. I had thought about a suit like this in 4th edition, pairing up the two highest STR weapons and going tank hunting, but never had the chance to build one.

He looks great either way.


Old Shatter Hands said...

His load out is Missile Pods, Fusion, Targeting Array, and 'Tracker. At 89 points, he's nice and cheap. I don't worry too much about him dying as he's mostly a support unit.

Side-Striker has a couple of roles. If I am going second and I know that my Broadsides are going to take lots of fire, I join Side-Striker to them for a leadership boost and some extra wounds. This helps prevent them from running off the board the first turn due to failed morale checks. After the first turn, he'll separate and take some shots of his own. BS5 Missile Pods are awesome.

Then he'll join squads if I feel they need a leadership boost or some more firepower. If not, he'll move around on his own to work the flanks a bit. A lot of the time, I've found myself keeping him around my broadsides, protecting them from assaults. If vehicles are getting close, I'll leap him out to melt tanks.

If I know the enemy is going to do a head-long rush toward my deployment, I'll hold him in reserve and deepstrike him behind the enemy for some rear armor shots with his pods, them move him in to melt stuff.

If I'm feeling really ballsy, I'll attach him to Old Shatter Hands and his body guard and deep strike them down to annihilate a squad of terminators or something.

Pete W said...

Sidestriker is looking great OSH, good work.

It's nice to see someone using different weapon loadouts than the typical Fireknife/Helios/Deathrain that seem to come up. A good reminder that there are many ways to play effectively.

HuronBH said...

To paint the effect, first Dry Brush or stipple a dark brown on about a 3rd of the gun starting from the tip. Then repeat on about 2/3rds of that area with Chaos black. You can high light the black it you want with a mix of the two to complete the effect.

Here is a example of the effect on a Flamer painted using a dry brush.


I hope this helps and keep up the good work on the Tau, they look fantastic. I will probably see you out at some of the Tournaments in the DC area in 2010.