Monday, December 28, 2009

Updates and Tau Vs. Eldar Battle Report

Back from the cold wintery North, I've got some new posts coming out for all you this week. We'll have a showcase post of my completed Sidestriker, a showcase of Old Shatter Hands' Bodyguards and some more fiction and Tau fluff. I'm also thinking up some tips and tactics for using Tau Piranhas, one of the best, but over-looked, units available to the Tau Cadre.

I've also been forming up some ideas for our unruly and savage comrades-in-arms, the Kroot. I'd like to make up some Knarloc Riders and I am hoping to document my conversion work on them. No, I won't dishing out large sums of cash for the forge world ones but I will be purchasing some models from other ranges to build them.

In the meantime, enjoy this re-post:


Xanadu said...

Further to your comment on Avatar and the knarloc conversions, would you ever consider making up any Avatar inspired kroot units ie Kroot mounted on converted flying lizards?

I had a thought for possible conversion pieces:

Terradon mount with kroot on the back but using knarloc/krootox heads

and for a ranged armed version using the krootox gun, but the question would be what to 'count them as' or indeed how to set up rules for them - 'skimmer'/ flyer with hover ability and toughness etc.

You are much better at converting than me (never any action always planning + your sidestriker is awesome) and it would be interesting to see your take on that idea.

final thing - Sholto's blog is down at the moment.... odd.

Old Shatter Hands said...

I've been thinkin of that too...combining the lizardman Flyers with kroot. It could look really cool. I think I might leave their heads as normal...OR put Dark Elf Cold one Heads on them! That would be sweet. then make them bony and give them some quills here and there...the ideas are flowing now!

Xanadu said...

In order to keep them fluffy I'd use krootox heads as the whole selective evolution idea behind the kroot would suggest that. The cold one heads would be cool, I saw a conversion a while back that used the winged nightmare heads and that looked interesting...

Back on topic, I got hammered by mech eldar the other day. It wasn't fun.

Pete W said...

I'm looking forward to seeing your cold-one knarloc conversions, OSH.

It'll definitely be more fun to have a jungle game if we can get more kroot beasties out to play.

I took the first steps on clearing up the basement in preparation for a gaming table. It's a lot bigger of a task than I realised. Oh well, gives me a good project to do.