Monday, January 11, 2010

Blood Angels Incoming!

"It is said that the sands of time heal all wounds, but the Angels of Death still nurse open wounds. For ten thousand years, the red soldiers of the Emperor have mourned the great loss of their beloved Primarch. Now is the time for their revenge. Let fly my brothers! To victory and DEATH!" Commander Dante, leading the drop on Istvaan 4. 

Last night I was up late working on a couple squads of Blood Angels, a second Baal Predator and my Blood Angels Land Raider and this morning I checked my inbox to discover an email from Games Workshop that Blood Angels are in-bound this coming April. To be honest I was a little surprised. We just had a Marine Codex release recently and I'd be much happier if GW spent their time updating armies that actually need it. Still, it comes as a joyful coincidence that as I am updating my Blood Angels Army the codex is on it's way!

The Blood Angels army of mine gives me a welcomed change from fielding the Tau over and over. First of all, it's nice to have an army that can fight. Close-combat is a thrill that I completely miss out on playing the three-fingered warriors of T'aun. Plus, the Blood Angels army isn't quite as concerned about distances. I can rush my warriors out there willy-nilly and still be certain they're going to have their fun too.

I've also got painted models of Dante and Corbulo and I've really found that the combination, when it goes off, is darn near broken and unfair. Especially when you're fielding lightning claw assault terminators!

On to more Tau stuff; I filmed another video last night. This time I'll be talking about deployment and general game-plan. That should get uploaded tonight.


Pearlygates said...

I had just read earlier (on Bell of Lost Souls Blog) that the Blood Angels codex is coming out.

Your right about having a Space Marine army making a huge differnece in play 40k; I often skip over from the 'Greater good' to following the 'Path of Blood'.

Nothing says better in close combat than a Space Marine army, ESPECIALLY when it's a Khorne World Eater army!!!!!

Pete W said...

I'm with you on the slight frustration that we're getting another marine release rather than the many (Dark Eldar, Tau, Necrons, Daemonhunters, Witch Hunters) codices that are in need of an update (some of them badly).

Still it makes business sense because the marines are the biggest 40k seller and they only need to do relatively few kits. A Baal predator, maybe a death company plastic set and a few bits packs and you have your BA range all there. Hopefully they'll update the models for some of the special characters (I'm looking at you Lemartes with your badly starched purity seals) and it will be a nice solid realse.

Still that's cool that your models will have some cool updates, OSH. I really like the idea of the Baal Predator and it would be neat if they opened that option up to the codex marines but you can't have everything.

Any pics of your blood angels or do they need more work?

Old Shatter Hands said...

Pictures will come this week I think. Lemartes is the worst model in the 40k range! He looks like a Space Marine clown.

I would love a plastic furiouso! I have a forge world whose claw broke in half beyond repair so I need some plastic bits to fix it.

From the sounds of the email from GW, deep-striking is going to be a Blood Angels Specialty...maybe I'll get some use out of the jump-pack marines I built and painted.

Pete W said...

Yes, plastic furioso and Baal predator for sure. I'd quite like an option for right arm DCCWs that doesn't involve going to forge world.

Adam said...

More space marines? Guess I'll have to kill 'em.

Old Shatter Hands said...

Yep. More space marines. Google-searching the latest rumors on the web states that BA marines will get standard marine stuff, but with furious charge instead of combat tactics. I wonder what this means for the game's best apothecary, Corbulo.

Anonymous said...

i hope they arnet going to start a new trend of giving each chapter its own special weapon, like wolf claws. i just cant believe that each chapter wouldnt share the design for their extra special lightghing claw. I mean what will the blood angels get, big syrinage power wepons.

Old Shatter Hands said...

Anon, it would make sense that not all technology would be shared. The universe is infinite and contact between the chapters is rare. It sometimes takes the Imperium years just to receive a message from one of its worlds. Plus, it's not like they have a convention each year,where all the space marine chapter show up and share their latest finds and tech. Giing the relative isolation that each Chapter operates in, it makes perfect sense that the chapters would have their own wargear. Plus it makes the game more interesting when different armies get different wargear, its nothing to fret about.