Sunday, January 17, 2010

Jawa-List and Thoughts on Tournament Play

This weekend saw the first annual Roll Dem Bones 40k Tournament at the Glen Burnie Bunker run by Inner Circle Gaming Club. Yours truly decided to switch things up a bit and brought out a Mechanized Blood Angels Army. 4 Rhinos, Land Raider with Terminators, 2 Baal Predators, Dante and Corbulo. I spent the day moving and assaulting, blowing things up with assault cannons and punching the lights out of many an enemy. Dante's bubble of Preferred Enemy is darn near unfair. At one point, 5 Death Company Marines assaulted a group of Chaos Space Marines and I got 18 hits out of 20. Sorry Warren!

With the new Blood Angels Codex on the horizon, there is a lot of that I don't want changed and a lot that I do want changed. I really like the way Super-Charged Engines works now but I wish I had access to the new and improved Power of the Machine Spirit.

I'm hoping that the new Codex will allow for a variety of army builds rather than the current which seems to favor Mech and the Dante-Corbulo combination. Three Blood Angels armies were in the thick of battle yesterday and all three had those two Blood Angels boys. Some players build armies around jump-troops but I've never been a far of jump packs. There's too much difficult terrain to mess your plans up.

Back to the tournament. I managed to win 3 games of 3 yesterday and placed 6th. There were some really difficult secret missions in this tournament including having one of your units flee more than 24 inches in the game. With all of my troopers showing no fear, this was nigh-impossible to achieve. I did manage to get some of them though and enjoyed the variety of secret missions and the chances to score on every bad things happening.

One of the coolest things about this tournament was that every player got a set of 12 dice with special designs. I got a set of yellow dice with a smiley faces for 6s. I decided to use them the entire tournament  and good thing I did. They proved to be stellar dice, giving lots and lots of smiley faces. Seriously I could not believe my luck.

A nice touch, too, was that Inner Circle had arranged for a food stand, selling pulled pork sandwiches, burgers and hotdogs. So nobody had to leave for lunch which meant that the games were on schedule and everyone had something besides 40k to talk about. "Yo man, did you get a pulled pork sandwich with bacon? Yeah man, there's nothing like pork on pork in a bun!"

Hats off the organizers at Inner Circle for the time and dedication to running regular tournaments, you guys are great! That means you Scooter, Kaleb and Avatar8481!


Magilla Gurilla said...

Congrats on the placing. I thought I had went to the wrong address when I first saw the picture. :-)
You really should post some more information about the scenarios, they sound really interesting!

Pearlygates said...

What was the army size?

well done on winning all 3 games! will we be getting any BatReps?

Old Shatter Hands said...

Army size was 1850. I can post my list later. Also, I just wrote up a post about the 5x5 system. Check this space tomorrow.

Not sure if I will do bat-reps. I don't have any good pictures.