Friday, January 15, 2010

Tau of War Video! Deployment and the Plan

In this next installment I get a little more dorkier and talk about deployment. Feedback is appreciated. I will make the comment myself that I still need to work on organizing my thoughts before filming. Hopefully one day I'll be as clear and concise as ol' Fritz. Because of the blog format, it is better to right click the video and click on 'watch on youtube', you'll get a better picture. Enjoy!


Pearlygates said...

Hey OSH, I'd like to say thanks for doing the video request for me, and thanks EVEN MORE for referring to it as being dorky!!! lol :-)

Your setup seems sound when you talk us through it; Even though you have your Piranhas stationed in position ready to assault any deepstrike/flanking unit that arrive on the open side (where the objective marker is) I assume that you will actually send off your Piranhas forward within the first two turns.

This leaves me thinking that you leave yourself quite vulnable to attack on your open side.

Does this happen during games? or do you have a backup plan to counter this.

I just love seeing your army setup on table. I've said it enough times before, and I'm not going to stop saying it either, your army is the best Tau army ever!!!!

CJ said...

little comment on the Broadside deployment keep in mind that if you move your guys to far in cover (more then 2"away from the edge they loose the ap due to giving away a coversave

Cheers CJ

HuronBH said...

I have not had a chance to watch the video, but you can fix the width problem of your youtube video by changing the Width=560 in the HTML embedding code to Width=425.

Love your blog and I will comment once I have had time to watch the video.

I've had to do this with my blog recently as well.

Rathstar said...


Great video.

Do you ever find problems with a very fast enemy or one with a heavy drop pod contingent ?

Have you tried the deployment where you put one hammerhead and one crisis unit in either corner; because if the enemt reaches one group he'll never reach the other one ?


Old Shatter Hands said...

Rathstar, I used to deploy, separating the army in two groups and setting up in the two corners. It didn't really work against good players. Against others it was great, but good players would simply overwhelm one corner and cutting off the other group. Hard to explian here but when 75% of you opponents army attacks one corner and the other 25% hold the center, you're in for trouble. That's my experience at least. Of course, every plan has it's counter. Just got to keep adapting, something the tau are good at! :)

NockerGeek said...

Another great video. Seeing a presentation like this really helps clarify how you run your army.

Since you count on reserved troops to go for late-game objective captures, how does your deployment plan affect how you place objectives for Capture & Control/Seize Ground? Do you keep the objectives around 12" from the board edge so you can sweep in and capture with one turn's movement (knowing the risk of attracting enemy troops to that position), or do you put them further out, hoping to kill enough of your opponent's forces to prevent them from contesting it before you can get to it?

Old Shatter Hands said...

NockerGeek, I should do a couple videos on seize ground tactics and capture and control. I think I've mastered C&C, I rarely lose in that mission. But seize ground can be tough for Tau...

Sholto said...

I enjoyed the video, and you explained it well. I also wanted to say that I am going to steal the design of your gaming table: I really like the look of the stone slabs. Simple but very effective.