Thursday, January 7, 2010

Off Topic but Really Funny

Some of you may know that I have ties to the lovely country of Slovakia. I spent lots of time there and married a beautiful Slovak girl over three years ago now. I am a fluent speaker of Slovak and I can tell you that Slovak are really warm and fun people. Their country boasts some of the most beautiful natural parks in Europe and its culture is rich and its food delicious. But its Police are idiots. I'd like to translate to you a joke from Slovak to English. 

Why do you always see a police dog patrolling with two policemen in town?

The police need cohesive teams. One who can read, one who can write and the other to make the decisions. 

This video proves the premise behind this joke: 


Oh, it's you, Bob... said...

Oh dear...

Pearlygates said...

So he got through both checking points, departure and arrival, and didn't get caught.... I knew I would have been ok taking my kilo of coccaine to China last week!

Just goes to show when they say that if you have intelligence, you don't have common sense!!!