Thursday, March 4, 2010

Secrets of the Fio'la; Fattening out those chicken legs.

Tonight I'll be testing out my firestorm unit to see just how viable this build is. Battledome tests have proven promising for this configuration, which seems to be able to dish a high number of wounds per turn. As such the Fio'la have begun working on a prototype model for this unit and have developed advanced stabilizers to ensure and stable firing platform. Really your truly is simply working on getting rid of the funny chicken-leg look to standard XV8 suits. Plastic card, burst cannon barrels and Tau flamer bits from here and there have been put into service on this model.


Anonymous said...

I like it. Think GW will go this route if they try to fix the legs themselfs?

Trueflights said...

4 out of my 10 crisis suits have broken ankle joints (3 by a previous owner, 1 from my clumsiness). I have been looking for a way to repair them that doesnt look god aweful with little success.

Pearlygates said...

OSH, I'll certainly be using this little convervion stability JUST for stregthening up those pathetically thin, weak ankle joints, no doubt 9 out of 10 people who own a crisis suit has broken the feet off at some point!

I still don't favour the use of a burst cannon on a crisis suit; having played many games using the XV9 Hazard suits, they proved utterly successful with their burst cannons; but I'm talking about six twin-linked burst cannons that shoot out an average of 14 shots out a maximum 18.

As you're a regular tournement player I would ask you to think "what is my main opposing army type?"

If you regularly find yourself against Horde armies, Nidz- orks -Imperial guard (infantry based) other Tau. then the fire storm may be a good set up.

However, against Spacemarines - Eldar - Imperial(Mechanized army) you are against high armour save troops and lots of vehicles.

I stand by crisis suits being the bane of the army as they can have weapons to tackle both troop And vehicles alike! (not gonna happen with a flamer and a burst cannon).

And can you REALLY rely on your broadsides to take out All the opposing vehicles??

I think you'll quickly find that the Firestorm loadout is limited to certain opponents.

My personal view, you're obviously free to make your own!! :-)

slxiii said...

I used to use this type of suit alot in my games, however I scrapped it for a deathrain variant.
That said, It does amazingly well in lower point games, against light infantry and light vehicles.

Anonymous said...

The spindly ankles are the main reason why I converted all my suits to have completely different legs. I used a mixture of e4 miniatures' plastic robot legs, and rather more solid pewter puppies from the Heavy Gear mecha. Works pretty well :)