Friday, March 5, 2010

Blood Angels Heavy Support: Blood Angels Land Raider Complete

Another shameful look-what-I-did post from Old Shatter Hands. This time we're gearing up for the new Blood Angels Codex with a nice and strong heavy support section. I prefer the Godhammer Land Raider for its lascannons unfortunately the current PDF BA codex has this model with the old Machine Spirit rules so in my games it lacks some of the power of other Land Raiders.
I had some problems with this one. My GW chaos black spray went on a little thick here and I lost some detail. I also had some problem with the etched brass from Forge World but in the end the models came out alright. 

I did some freehand work on this guy and some real simple weathering. I've got to credit Jawaballs for the inspiration on this Blood Angels Land Radier. That guy makes some awesome free hand. The weather consisted of a few layers here. First I used watered down black for the grime stains, then I did my paint chipping with Boltgun Metal streaks here and there. When that was done, I drybrushed and stippled on Scorched Brown and then Bubonic Brown for the mud and dust marks. It's my opinion that all ground tanks should have some weathering. I'm sure our Vets can attest to the fact that nearly every tank, regardless of length of service gets dinged up and weathered. 

I'm pretty excited for the new Blood Angels Codex. If any of you saw the sprues that were displayed on Jawaballs' blog definitely go there and check the out. Link is in my blog roll. We're bound for some great looking models.  


Anonymous said...

Infinitely more impressive than what I can do; looks bloody great.

Somewhatdamaged said...

looks nice :)
ironic though given in the new dex none of these 3 will be heavy support anymore :P
fast attack for the baals, dedicated transports only for the LR

Simon said...

Nice work on the freehand! Are you planning to do BA full time when the new dex comes out or keep them a side project?


Old Shatter Hands said...

Thanks for the comments guys. I've developed a system for painting blood angels that gets them finished rather quickly. All thanks to my citadel spray gun!

Blood Angels are a side project yes. They will remain so for sure. Blood Angels are the army I played when I feeling like just rolling dice and charging in. Tau require so much thought, so much managing of distances that they're so autopilot for them. With Blood Angels I can play more freely so i enjoy them a bit for that.

Honestly, I am considering putting my Blood Angels on eBay this summer.

Anonymous said...

I shamelessly envy your painting skills and productivity..

Pete W said...

As I said in person, OSH, the land raider (and your tanks in general) are really nice. It's such a simple set of techniques you have going and yet the end result is really amazing.

I don't think you should sell your Blood Angels too soon as it would be great to be able to match up with such an aggressive new codex with the Tau for challenging games.

Mon-keigh Reaper said...

It will be sad to see the Blood Angels go, but that leaves room for a new army to build. The time to sell would be when all the hype hits. Will be a shame to not get some of the new winged jump packs and death company models.

Old Shatter Hands said...

Oh I will be getting both plastic kits and expanding this army before selling it.