Saturday, March 27, 2010

It's great to have markerlights again! 2,000 Tournament List

Below is my current 2,000 point list. I hope this may help you in your list building. This army is designed to pack in loads of firepower and markerlights without sacrificing mobility. I tested it out last night and I was pleased with the results. It's great to have markerlights again!

Shas'el, Targeting Array, Missile Pods, Plasma Rifle, Hard Wired 'Tracker, Stimulant Injector
Shas'Vre Body Guard, Targeting Array, Missile Pods, Plasma Rifle, Hard Wired 'Tracker
Shas'Vre Body Guard, Targeting Array, Missile Pods, Plasma Rifle, Hard Wired 'Tracker, Hard-Wired Controller, 2 Gun Drones

Shas'El, Targeting Array, Missile Pods, Fusion Blaster, Hard Wired 'Tracker

Crisis Team
Shas'ui Teamleader XV8, Twin-linked Missile Pods, Flamer, Hard-Wired Target Lock
2x Shas'ui XV8, Twin-linked Missile Pods, Flamer

10 Kroot
5 Kroot Hounds

8 Fire Warriors
Devilfish with 'Tracker and Disruption Pods

8 Fire Warriors
Devilfish with 'Tracker and Disruption Pods

Fast Attack
Piranha Squadron (3), Disruption Pods, Targeting Arrays, Fusion Blasters

Fast Attack
1 Shas'ui Pathfinder
4 Pathfinders
Devilfish with 'Tracker and Disruption Pods

Heavy Support
Hammerhead, Smart Missile System, Railgun, Disruption Pod, Target Lock, 'Tracker

Heavy Support
Skyray, Smart Missile System, Disruption Pod, Targeting Array, 'Tracker

Heavy Support
Broadside Team
1 Shas'Ui Teamleader, Targeting Array, Hard-Wired Controller, 2 Shield Drones, Hard-Wired Target Lock
1 Shas'UI XV88, Targeting Array


Swift Hunter said...

It's good to see markerlight used! And Pathfinders are the cheapest way to get them, so... good choice! Presonally I use them alway when playing on 1500 or more, and never whem playing on lesser scale.

However I'm wondering why you bought 2 DFs for your squads of FWs, when you'll have free one from Pathfinders? Or you want to use it other way?

Anonymous said...

Although I think the list can scare the bejeebus out of elite armies, there's a couple of things that would actively concern me if I was fielding it.

By default, are you planning on attaching your 2nd Shas'El to your Broadsides? If so, I *really* like the setup, although I'd probably give the Shas'El the Shield Drones, not the Broadsides, just in case the El has to run.

The list might have trouble against a horde list, particularly at 2000pts, where you can easily face 100+ models. For that reason alone, I would replace the Skyray with a Hammerhead.

To make space for that / save points, I think reducing the Piranha squadron to two vehicles would be acceptable. Besides, I think stacking undesired damage results on one is easier that way.

To each their own, re: running 8 Fire Warriors. I run 6 but if I were to spend the extra points on them, I would still probably run 6 but with a Ui and BK.

As far as markerlight support goes, they seem to be there primarily to support the Crisis Squads, not the Broadsides, otherwise I would expect you'd be running 3 of them.

If they're indeed there for the Crisis Command Squad more than anything else, why bother with a TA for the El? One markerlight hit will put the Vres to BS5 and the El to BS6, which of course doesn't actually happen. Based on that, I would save the 10pts and drop the TA.

You might be able to trim wargear to fit in another Deathrain suit and reorganize them to run 2 squads of 2 suits.

Having said all that, I like the list! :D

Anyway, I will be sending an email in the near future asking for your opinion on another 1850 list I've done up. The primary concept of cascading anti-vehicle fire control remains the same but I've fit in more firepower to that end but I'm not sure if I sacrifice too much elsewhere. Until then.

Golmen94 said...

I like it but why did you buy a pathfinder shas'ui when you didnt buy any gear for him? 10 Points out the window?

Pearlygates said...

It's a nice list OSH, but I too have a query on one or two things.

1, already questioned by Golmen94. why a Shas'ui fpr Pathfinders?

2, why not replace the SMS on both your heavies to give your Shas'El shield drones instead?

3, why Multitrackers on your Devilfish?

It's a good list; my personal prference would be to also change the Broadsides Targeting arrays to multitrackers.
I know your answer already, as we have had this discussion before, you want to get as best a chance to improve rolls to hit with broadsides; I would suggest the multitrackers for two reasons; extra defencive measures if enemy get too close to them, and because you have a number of markerlights, let your broads' benefit from them.

I'd like to see a game played with this army list, wot's Pete doing right now? Go kick his ass! (Pete, if you are reading this, sorry bud!)

Aloh'Nan'El said...

Very similar to what I've been running for 1850. I don't use Pathies, however, instead hiding my Deathrains behind a tank and giving them Marker Drones; my enemies have learned to fear Pathfinders and they die almost immediately.
Be willing to bet you guys he took the 'ui for leadership purposes.
I'm kind of against the Fireforge Shas'ui here; he costs as much as a Broadside with AdvSS or Targeting Array. He does have the capability to ruin someones day though.

Microgod said...

The list looks great but.... as I'm fairly new to the tau empire I'm struggling to understand how to use a markerlight. is there a blog post anywhere that explains them. if not anyone fancy doing one??