Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Tau Man-Up Conference 2010

I saw this posted in my fair city of Washington DC and decided it might make a good logo for my efforts here. It's time to man-up and get the word out to GW that Tau players need some love too. I've been chatting away on ATT about this effort to bring more attention to the Tau Empire and I've decided to start writing letters to Jervis once a week about the issue. I am going to start recruiting IC Club Members to start mailing them off for me as well. I'll be drafting up a set of letters this weekend. I'm starting with demanding an updated FAQ, then I am going to start asking for a new Crisis Suit frame (if they can do killa-kans, you know they can do XV8s without a new codex, plus that'd be a hot selling new item), and then who knows what else. More to come!


Pete W said...

I'm with you OSH :-)

New crisis suits and FAQed rules for 5th edition.

Tylermenz said...

I am with you OSH

MonkeyLeader said...

If you post Jervis's email, I'll help you with your email campaign and send off requests as well.

MFerek said...

yeah sign me up haha

Pearlygates said...

while you're sending Jervis requests and complaints on behalf of the Tau campaigners, please also include a mention that Ethereals currently suck! with the backing of EVERY tau player across the globe!

If anything truly needs improving it's W40k's worst possible HQ.

I just hope that if/when they improve the crisis suit, it looks like the Farsight concept model.
- Have you seen it? Adam has a picture of it on his 'Warhammer Tau' blog.

Oh, one question here that you could answer for me. Pathfinder devilfish is a transport.

As Pathfinders must have a transport issued to them, I see this as that the Devilfish belongs to them (it is part of the Pathfinder team) therefore how I view it is that ONLY the Pathfinders can use it. However, I have seen alot of people comment on using it for their firewarriors once they have disembarked the Pathfinders.

what is the correct way of using the Pathfinders Devilfish?

Raptor1313 said...

It is the Designated Transport for the Pathfinders. Check the rules for transports and designated transports. The take-home point is that only the designated cargo may BEGIN THE GAME in the transport, but anyone can get into it during the course of the game.

In other words, you can start Pathfinders in their designated Devilfish OR on foot. Fire Warriors may ONLY start on foot, but may board the Pathfinder's designated Devilfish if they so choose during the course of the game.

Sign me up.

It's not the Tau are useless; it's just that we have, oh, about ONE build that really hard-core works. We have limited effective choices, and if nothing else our drones need to NOT FREAKING COUNT as killpoints/morale.

Seriously, would you care if your drone cover died?

Plus, it would be nice to get slightly better morale, but that's just nit-picking.

idget said...

I'm happy to help too

slxiii said...

I agree with everyone here. A new crisis model would be awesome, though it would make me sad for already owning 10+ haha.
Really, the attention they've given to the tau faq and models is inexcusable. Most of the REAL questions we have have never been acknowledged, and our models are so deteriorated that I sometimes can't look at my models without being furious.
It's a real shame, and it's not like it would take a whole lot to make tau players happy. Errata our broken wargear, maybe redo 2 sets of our models. Everything else will be fine until the new codex, whenever that is.

Jacob said...
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MonkeyLeader said...

I sent a polite letter to the US sales department, asking when a new Tau codex will be released. This is their response:

Unfortunately, we do not know when a new Tau Codex will be coming out.


John Spencer
Customer Service Specialist

Flekkzo said...

There was an article recently in WD kind of discussing this in a very round about way. Basically it said that they won't discontinue any army and they won't obsolete anything. I think it was a very diplomatic way of saying "we do want to support everyones armies".

So a polite and good natured campain should by all means be positive. Let GW and WD know that the Tau is an army that people like and would like to see updated.

Oh, and I still want to see introduction of new stuff in WD. Imagine adding a Tau unit in WD and release a model for it. Wouldn't that be awesome? I propose a walker or a good fast attack choice!

slxiii said...

Flekkzo, that seems to be what they are going to do with the new Spearhead expansion and eldar vehicles, so we can only hope Tau get some love as well!

suneokun said...

There are several ways in which Tau can can some pre-codex love:

1) An Errata and FAQ update addressing all the obviously 'overlooked' questions raised in 5th that have been ignored for too long.

2) New mini's as part of a 'specialist' release (like planetstrike/spearhead etc) ... or a simple 'codex approved' for the forgeworld models in 40k.

3) Codex approved WD rules for combining Gue'la (imperial guard), along the lines of the deamonhunters. A simple 'include/exclude' and special rules would make the Gue'la a viable combine. Additionally, the Ethereal could become a 'special' upgrade with special commands in the Gue'la command squad.

The Brotha said...

While you're at it, also mention that they (GW) forgot to include my favorite Ethereal, the honorable Aun'shi. His exclusion from the Codex Tau Empire was the single reason why I stopped playing Tau! ;)

Sholto said...

The current run of great codexes has got my hopes up for whatever GW might come up with for Tau, but I'm not expecting anything this year, so some interim love for the boys in blue would be welcome.

GW has shied away from articles in WD introducing new rules, although perhaps this new Spearhead concept might signal the return of that. In some form. Maybe.

The XV9 was nice, but just served to highlight how long it had been since anything new was released for the Tau, and since that came out there hasn't been any follow up from either GW or FW. Just a flash in the pan, I guess.

A new FAQ would be the simplest and easiest option, but really, would that change anything? Not much.

Swift Hunter said...

I'll mail them too, just let post on your blog mails. For the Greater Good! And I support (correct?) all mentioned before things.

Gredus said...

It's a nice idea, but i think you'll be given a generic "its on the way" type response.

Golmen94 said...

Love this! Sign me up!

The_Jackal said...

As a new Tau player, I would say we need a new codex soonish, but definitely some new models... I mean I bought the Tau Empire battleforce and while the Fire Warriors still look pretty good, the Crisis suits are beyond dated in terms of the model and how dynamic it is.

In terms of the Codex, it really is getting a bit tiring being completely trounced each and every game. I didn't start because they were an easy army, but man being wiped out my Deep Striking Sternguard before my third turn because I didn't get Init is a tad annoying.

So yes, I will be more than happy to help with the mail campaign.

Anonymous said...


ehemkeh said...

I was trying to explain WH40k to some of my RPG friends that don't play. I found myself laughing at my own description of a game that is on it's 5th edition ruleset but hasn't updated all the army rule books to make them competitive. Anyway, my only hope that will do great new codex someday that will follow in the line with the recents ones - MULTIPLE COMPETITIVE BUILDS!

Until then, yeah, they could throw us a bone with a .pdf FAQ or some shiny new plastic options.

Old Shatter Hands said...

Alright everyone, rough draft of the letter is done. Look for a post this week with the polished copy.