Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Product Review:How to Paint Tau Fire Warrior Digital Download

A couple weeks ago I was sent a copy of Jawaballs Productions' How to Paint Tau Fire Warrior Digital Download and after slacking on it for a couple weeks I decided to watch it. 

I must say there is something about watching someone paint that gets you fired up to paint your own models. It's kind of like a cooking show in that respect but Jawaballs has a way of explaining and showing every step in the process that ensures your souffle won't come out like a pan of scrambled eggs.  

The video covers painting a fire warriors from start to finish and even goes into details on how to paint sept markings and lenses on the shas'la's helmet. It's a stage by stage tutorial on a beginners method of painting. Jawa uses a basecoat-wash-highlight method that really works for beginners who are trying to get a good level of detail without too much work. The method really doesn't take long and Jawa completed one model in about an hour. A batch of 6 Fire Warriors would take about a week of evening painting sessions. 

One thing I liked is that Jawa gives his preferred brand of brushes and even gives you the brush sizes he is using during each stage. It really helps as I am constantly on the lookout for better brushes. Picture quality is great too so you can actually see the amount of paint on the brush.  

I've painted around 48 Fire Warriors and 8 Pathfinders and I must say I thought I was done with them forever. But after watching this tutorial, I wanted to go back and start over, painting an entire new Tau Army to field using a quicker technique like Jawa laid out in the video. 


Flekkzo said...

Doesn't it just suck when you come up with a new way of painting your minis and you realize that will make them different from the ones you already painted? When they are suppose to look the same that is :)

And just an hour to paint an infantery model? Luxery! :)

Let us know how your brush adventures go. I am thinking of getting myself some better brushes for detailed work. Might even try some more simple freehand!

Anonymous said...

Right on, sounds good.

I desperately hope the new codex doesn't pressure me to paint more than the 6 FWs I use!