Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tau XV8 Crisis Suit Conversion

Another weekend has passed and another new member to Old Shatter Hands' Tau Cadre is in production. With an upcoming Warhammer 40,000 tournament less than 6 days away, I've been crafting up some new Tau Battlesuit conversions for my army. This is the formidable Tau XV8 Shas'Ui Rymo Genosha, clad in his customized battlesuit, crafted by the Fio'la of his own sept. The suit has been specially fitted with two missile racks, a flamethrower, heavier armor and an improved powerplant. This model will be taking up residence in my Deathrain squad, filling the role of team-leader. 
The classic thigh armor comes from a Space Marine Dreadnought so its a pretty expensive piece of kit. 
Here we have a good shot of the twin-linked flamer. It's a mostly Tau conversion, composed of two Tau flamers, a Tau plasma rifle and an Imperial Guard Sentinel powerplant casing. Neither arm is glued in yet and I am currently working on the posing of both. 

This shot of his back shows how I did the beefed up powerplant. I took pieces from a Space Marine Terminator torso and cyclone missile launcher. The model still isn't done. There are a few bits here and there I'd like to work on. I'd like to add some do-dads to make the missile launchers look more Tau-like 


Captain Yukka said...

That's looking fantastic, well done! I'm really looking forward to seeing the finished suit.

Adam said...

That is simply outstanding!

I think the bulked out legs help balance the big missile pods on the shoulders. I was tempted to do something like this, but always felt that the legs were too skinny.

Swift Hunter said...

Yeah, I think those legs look good for making them not break in a moment, however I think those upper parts (still on legs) are not Tauish - I don't know how, but try working on them. ;)

Michael said...

I like it. Good use of bits. It still "feels" a bit weird seeing the Terminator bits on there. I'm anxious to see how you make them more Tauish.

Keep it coming!

Anonymous said...

Great stuff, as always! The only thing I'd be tempted to change would be to get rid of those rivets on the Twin-Linked Flamer housing.

Looking forward to seeing it painted.


Bradimus Prime said...

GW should take leaf out of your book mate, your putting together some brilliant stuff. I love it.

MFerek said...

you could put the missiles from the broadside smart missile system on that cyclone to make them look more tauy. they might be a bit big though, and metal kinda sucks. I agree with getting rid of the rivets

Pete W said...

As I said earlier today, OSH, this is a great conversion.

I am choosing to go with the fluff version that the Earth caste is intrigued by the Gue'La Cyclone launcher and produced a prototype with some shared design characteristics. It remains to be seen whether the field testing by Shas'Ui Rymo Genosha will meet the stringent requirements of the Tau empire's military.

For Tau'ing up the missiles, how about adding some Fire warrior antenna's to the sides or working a set of photon grenades into a fitting that goes on top?

Will this one be coming to the game tomorrow?

Gredus said...

Rocket pods look awesome, makes it look more Battletechy. I'd guess to make it more Tau like i'd try to change the front of the pods from the rectangular shape to an oval one on each side? That would look pretty sweet.

My word verification is celunkno... is that even a real word?