Tuesday, May 18, 2010

At War with the Red Army Part 3: Blood Angels Tank Battle

In my last battle with this mini-Tournament, I faced another Mechanized Blood Angels Force. This one sported 2 Baal Predators with Flamestorm Cannons, 2 Vindicators, 3 Rhinos with troops inside, no priests however, and Land Raider Redeemer with a hefty payload; a Terminator Librarian, Corbulo and Assault Terminators with Combat Shields and Thunderhammer. The deployment for this mission was Dawn of War and the mission objective were holding table quarters, not with scoring units, just by having more points in each quarter. This meant that killing models was very important, because if you can whittle your opponent down, you can overwhelm table quarters to claim them. 

The roll-off for First Turn was in my favor so I passed it to him. With Tau, more and more, I need to know where my opponent is setting up his guys so I can react and deploy in a position that will give me distance. Terrain doesn't matter so much with Tau as we've got Disruption Pods on our vehicles and the Jump-Shoot-Jump dance to protect our suits. I would also need to be careful of the Land Raider crashing down the field. 

His first turn he set up centrally, a good move when you're facing Tau. I decided, almost on a whim, to set up in either corner. I divided my army in two. Each corner had a squad of suits, a Hammerhead and other supporting units. One group had pathfinders and the piranhas. The other had the "decoy-fish", which the pathfinders' Devilfish, deployed empty. 

I hadn't done this set up in a long while and it really worked in my favor this time. By setting up two firebases in the corners with his units in the center, I was able to move up the field and hit side armor the Vindicators and Predators, wrecking them all by turn 3. If one tank turned to face one corner, it would expose it's rear armor to the other. He also had to attack two different groups, but with a Hammerhead in each corner, they were supporting each from a distance.  Here's a diagram that will give you a quick run down of the game. 

His terminators were really nasty and took out my Broadsides and forced me to flee one corner. The other flank held although he did manage to immobilize a Hammerhead. It still had a great firing lane though and took out a Tank by hitting side armor and marine here and there with its Ion Cannon. 

By turn 6 I had 3 quarters to his 1, Tau victory. Keep posted as I am working on doing a video of this set up.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like deployment and the big maneuvres kept this game under pretty tight control. When things go at least reasonably well for Tau, I find that they go extremely well :)

It's also cool to see a battle report that so clearly shows how the Tau can control large areas of the table without physically having to be there.

Hedzer said...

I'm not afraid of terminators with "Combat Shields" :-P

Nice report, thanks!

ehemkeh said...

Nice job against BA!

I love the detailed report and pictures from your reports. They are very informative.

When faced against so much fast moving armor, what targets do you go after first? I have to say, I always target vindicators that can insta kill suits.

Xyhelm said...

Well done, Old Shatter Hands! I really like the split firebases idea.

I'm looking forward to a video.

Old Shatter Hands said...

Thanks guys. I should be able to film the video tonight. I don't think its a tactic that will work everytime but in this case, it worked wonders. It works great in DoW and pitched battle deployment.

Sholto said...

Congrats on another good win, and I'm looking forward to seeing your video

Kroxitau said...

Revengence for the Tau! Nice tactics and table control, I look forward to the video.


Kroxitau said...

I recently found out that this is not as effective against nids. They were able to press equally hard on both fronts. However it was also dawn of war so my shooting was less, even though I have blacksun filters on all three deathrain squads, tervigons with FNP and +3 armor and 6 wounds are crazy hard to take down.