Tuesday, May 25, 2010

New Banner

A couple weeks ago a contacted Duredhel on the Advanced Tau Tactica forums for a commissioned piece of artwork for my blog. Well, Juan Diego Dainderas is his real name and if you're interested in contacting him for a piece of work too check out his site on Deviant Art.

Here is more of the artwork that he did for me.

Pretty frickin' awesome, huh? 
On the gaming front I am gearing up for the Battle for Blob's Park and working on getting a Farsight list that I am happy with. Right now the stumbling block is that the only troops allowed to me are Fire Warriors which are a bit pricey and are making my army less shooty. Right now the rough start is an army with one Hammerhead with Railgun, one SkyRay, 3 Broadsides, 3 Fire Warrior squads in Devilfish (with sensor spines from now on) and Farsight with a bodyguard of one Helios Suit (Fusion Blaster, Plasma Rifle) and one Fire Knife Suit both with targeting arrays. Then I've got 3 Fire Knives in a unit and 2 Piranhas. The plan is use Farsight as close defense when the enemy gets too close. It should be a fun list to play as I am anxious to get some in close combat for once. Plus its a little used model and I think people might underestimate his close combat ability (4 S5 power weapon attacks on WS5 model aint bad at all). I am actually thinking on running Farsight Enclave list from here on out.

Anybody out there have a Farsight Model they want to sell?


ehemkeh said...

OMG, sweet banner :o)

I converted a Shas'o Rymr Forgeworld model with an Eldar wraithlord sword. He turned out well, I get a lot of compliments on it.

I've been running Farsight lately at everything over 1500 points. One trick I found, make sure your bodyguards and shield/gun drones in his squad are equal number so the whole unit is at WS 5 (no majority) when assaulted.

I've had mixed results so far (even number of wins and losses), but I do find that you only need to win at least one assault to turn the tide sometimes and Farsight can provide that. I usually run Helios BGs or other short range combos to make sure whatever that unit gets into assault is wounded already.

Anyway, I'm still learning with him. I do miss my Kroot, but I'm adapting with him. Looking forward to reading your experiences with him.

Old Shatter Hands said...

@ehemkeh, great pointers. I'm not sure I follow you on the WS5 thing. Can you explain further?

Dhinanta Aloke said...

That is a pretty sweet banner. Kind of inspires a venerable dreadnought style XV8/9 conversion.

Page 37 of the BRB, under Units with different WS. It basically "For a unit, use the majority WS. If there is no majority, use the highest WS of the unit."

The trick here is to have an equal number of WS4 bodyguards and WS2 drones so that you can use the WS5 of Farsight for everyone.

I've never considered a case where there was a higher WS not involved in the tie for majority. Tricky.

Kroxitau said...


Yea I have a wraithlord sword waiting to be put on a converted Farsight as well.

That would be an interesting list.

Not having kroot would make your army a little less shooty, which is kind of silly (kroot more shooty than firewarriors) but true since the FW need to hide out in their fish.

How would you play that army versus a Blood Angel all assault marine with feel no pain army? :)

Soundwave said...

Loving that banner. How much did the commission cost? Not that I have any money right now, but when I do I wouldn't mind a Psyker one for my blog.

@ehemkeh - Really tricksy tactic there, I'll be sure to tell my Tau buddies ;)

ehemkeh said...

The WS 5 is only for what your opponent needs to hit. It can be a small difference, most units will still need to roll 4s to hit you, but it could help.

For me, at 1500 pts for example

Farsight (WS 5), 2 'vre BG (WS 3), 2 Shield Drones (WS 2). So there's no majority WS per the rules you use the unit's highest when assaulted. However, you still use the individual models WS when you do your attacks at their respective initiatives.

CylonDave said...

Kudos on the banner, cool pic! Good luck with your Mech Tau list. I still want to get in a game with you sometime soon against my chaos forces. We'll have to find some time to throw down.

Zacret said...

Great bloody artwork mate! Brings a very professional look to your blog. I always thought your blog seemed the most well thought of and now its no less ;)

Warhammer39999 said...

Quite a snazzy new look you've got there. I especially like the muted color choices. Very cool...

CounterFett said...

Yeah, I like Farsight.

He gives the Tau at least a fighting chance in a close battle. You can't have mine...I like it.

HuronBH said...

I like the banner but might I suggest resizing it so it does not stick of the side of the page. Your blog is 740 pixel wide, so dropping it down to 720 or 700 even would allow it to fit in a have some edge space.

Old Shatter Hands said...

@HuronB, thanks I was wondering why I couldn't get that right! I will make the adjustments.

Rus'El said...

Hey OSH!!

Great new banner and I'm liking the new look Tau of war.

It's uncanny that both you and I used the services of Duredhel at the same time. I had him create my new avatar, and I thought mine would be the first Crisis suit! ;)

Enjoying your blog as always.