Monday, June 28, 2010

Inspiration for Tau Enthusiasts

. As you all may know, I am first a modeller/painter and second a wargamer. These days I haven't had much time to play any games with my Tau, due in part to the great weather we've been having and in part being a little lazy to play 40k. Warhammer Fantasy is just around the corner so I have been building and painting the first couple units for Warriors of Chaos Army to be debuted here first once I have a good chunk of it done. At any rate, that explains the lack of tactica and gaming post here for a couple weeks.

Today I wanted to post some pictures that I have collected over the years of scouring the Internet for inspiration and ideas for Tau conversions. Here's one I love, mostly because it reminds of something Star Wars. Check out the creative use of Terminator bits. 
Next up is a little Fire Warrior that I really like. The picture is poor-quality (I just grabbed this off of some forgotten internet site) but the pose it to my liking. I especially like the bulked out thigh-armor on this Shas'la. Fire Warriors are really some of the coolest looking troops in the game and its unfortunate that these days that can't survive the hostile 5th Edition environment outside their Devilfish APCs.
Lastly we have a battlesuit conversion done by Sebastian Stewart, aka Shas'El Tael of the Advanced Tau Tactica Forum. His beautiful work is a constant source of inspiration for me even though he seems to have stepped back from painting and modelling of late. His work is so complex and revolutionary that even though I've admired his models online for years, I still find new things and inspiration.Honestly check out the great use of Space Marine bits on this thing, not to mention he stellar paint job!


NockerGeek said...

I'm absolutely jealous of Tael's camo work. There's no way I'd be able to get something as smooth and clean as he's done.

Anonymous said...

Without question, I'm a wargamer through and through... but Tael's work is undeniably beautifully conceived and executed.

Flekkzo said...

The white one looks like it's out of some anime where the suit has eaten a terminator and is now absorbing it:) At least that is the feel I got. Love the paintwork, I see why you get reminded of Star Wars:)

The camo looks awesome, very slick indeed!

Kroxitau said...

Holy crap!! I have a long way to go...
Cool pics, convert some more suits and post'em up!