Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Next Tau Battlesuit Concept

As I gear up for the NOVA Open, I am adding a few new things to my Army. First of all, I am giving my Fire Knife suits a targetting array instead of a multitracker, but that is for another post. Right now I wanted to show you a concept for my next Battlesuit. This suit will again combine Forgeworld bits with Space Marine to make a unique, bulky and powerful image. Hands are a must-have of course. I am still not decided on the armament for this one but I am may magnetize the weapons so I'll be able to customize the suit to the current fad.

At the NOVA Open, I am bring out all the stops on Best Army Appearance. I'll be going back over all my units to make sure they are top notch, even working on that D-9 display board some more. Pictures to come as I progress. First though, I've got to get two commissions off my desk by the end of this month.

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Anonymous said...

I don't know why but that really does remind me of one of the Halo Reach Armour sets.