Friday, July 30, 2010

NOVA Open News: This just in.

The NOVA Open, a big local tournament at the Dulles Expo Center in Northern Virginia just opened up 6 slots for 40k. If you want to go and throw down in one of the nations biggest tournaments, email Mike Brandt: 

Go to for more info about the Open. 

I will be there, going to war with my Tau Army (my Blood Angels are on the shelf until further notice). 


Wadmaasi said...

We're coming back from vacation that weekend or I'd show up just to watch and ogle all the armies.

CJ said...

not to be nosy but why are the bloodangels ordered to the shelf?

If only I lived over there I would love to attend

Old Shatter Hands said...

@CJ, good question CJ. I picked up Blood Angels and developed a pretty good list with them using the PDF codex. When the new codex came out, my army was 250 points less than what it used to cost!!!!

And I realized I needed to spend a lot of time and money to build BA list that worked under the new codex. With my Tau army taking up most of my time, that project is on hold.

CJ said...

ok that is indeed a problem, with no easy solution other then like you said invest a lot of time and money to expand it.

anyways the very best of luck with the tau they are still one of the best armies I've ever seen :)!

Cheers CJ

Anonymous said...

I'll be there now that the wife is out of town that weekend and I'm free! I'll likely be running Tau. (Possibly Deathwing, if I don't get my piranhas painted for 2k.) I can't wait.

ICGT tomorrow should be a good test of my list.

Tim (Gramps)